Is It Normal For My Boyfriend To Hit Me?

Does your boyfriend hit you? Is it normal for my boyfriend to hit me every time I talk to another boy? Are you going to be silent or retaliate to protect yourself? Or are you confused on what to do?”

Physically abusing your partner or engaging in domestic violence is never acceptable and should be halted as soon as it is realized. Domestic violence is a pattern of conduct used in any relationship to acquire or keep control and power over a close partner.

Statistics has shown that, on average, 1 in 3 women have experienced physical abuse from their intimate partner which means almost  20 women per minute are being abused. 

Physical Abuse

Abuse can take many different forms, including economic, psychological, emotional, and physical. Abusive behavior is a sign that the person doesn’t agree with you, is pissed off at you, feels the need to correct you for how you feel, speak, or act, and lacks self-control.

A Victim Of Abuse?

Consider the following inquiries as you consider how you and your partner are handled.

Identifying the symptoms of domestic violence

Does your partner

  • Humiliate or make fun of you in front of your loved ones or friends?
  • Write down your achievements?
  • Make you believe that you are unable to make decisions?
  • Tell you that without them, nothing matters?
  • Roughly handle you—grab, push, pinch, shove, or strike?
  • If you say you’ll be somewhere, why don’t I call you multiple times throughout the night to make sure you’re there?
  • Abuse you or say nasty things to you when under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Blame you for their feelings or behaviors?
  • Attempt to force you into anything sexual that you’re not ready to do?
  • Do they make you believe that there is “no way out” of the relationship?
  • Prevent you from fulfilling your desires, such as spending time with friends?

Do you

  • Do you occasionally worry about your partner’s potential behavior?
  • Frequently offer justifications to others for your partner’s actions?
  • Do you think that if you just made certain changes to yourself, you could alter your spouse with them as well?
  • Avoid doing anything that can enrage or provoke conflict with your partner?
  • Always follow your partner’s instructions rather than your own?
  • Are you still with your partner because you are worried about what they would do if you split up?

If any of these occurrences happens in your relationship, talk to someone. The abuse will continue without assistance. It takes guts to make the initial call for assistance.

Never forget that nobody deserves to be mistreated. You aren’t the only one, and the abuse is not your fault.

Is It Normal For My Boyfriend to Hit Me?

“It’s never normal for my boyfriend to hit me” you have to keep this in your mind. No matter what you say or do, hitting is just wrong.

Why do people continue to conduct crimes since striking someone is never appropriate, is considered physical abuse, is against the law, and is a crime? These signs of abuse might suggest that you’re not safe in your relationship, which might develop worse.

Partners don’t damage each other even when they are upset in happy and healthy relationships. We all experience anger from time to time, and when we do, we have a choice in how to handle it.

Figure Out Why He Hit You

“I know you were unhappy, but why did you hit me?” is something you can ask your partner. Break up with him if he continues to blame you instead of improving himself, even if it feels wrong. Breaking up with someone you love won’t be simple, but you must do it on your own.

And that should be the end of it if you forgive him and he hits you again later. To end the relationship and stop giving him opportunities, you must find a route out.

He won’t change for a while if he doesn’t regard you highly enough to put himself in the best possible position for you, him, and the relationship. Perhaps he won’t ever change. Despite the fact that you don’t know, you need not.

The guy still takes relationships and the people who are committed to him for granted since he hasn’t yet realized how fragile they may be.

Even if you adore your boyfriend, you should be aware that hitting you is wrong. Even if he may be a guy, assaulting you is violent and disrespectful. You deserve better.

My Boyfriend Hit Me As A Result Of What I Did.


Even if you did something behind his back, it is not normal for your boyfriend to hit you. Nothing you said or did make it normal for your boyfriend to hit you.

Sometimes we say things and do things that we don’t mean. If that’s why your boyfriend hit you, you can probably try to forgive him and allow him to forgive you for mistreating each other.

Say no to Physical Abuse

But those aren’t forgivable reasons if your boyfriend hits you because of an argument or something you messed up. They’re unforgivable, and, likely, your boyfriend won’t learn from his mistakes.

Unless he’s incredibly sorry, has made an appointment with a therapist, and has demonstrated to you that he’s actively addressing his anger problems.

Does a Man Still Love You If He Hits You?


Hitting and other toxic behaviors have nothing to do with love. Your partner might still cheat on you even though they love you. This might not be the response you were expecting, but this does happen in life occasionally.

If you think, ‘Even though he has cheated me, hit me, and treated me disrespectfully, I should still stay since I love him, right?’. I advise you to go to a mental health professional to figure out what is wrong with you and why you can accept his treatment of you.

He could be hitting you to get away from you for cheating on him, which is one possible reason. If you think your partner is cheating, you can always rely on these 5 apps to catch a cheater

A person can beat you while yet feeling close to and in love with you. Just that his way of loving you is wrong (unhealthy). Sadly, if you love him more than you love yourself, that is not love; that is a lack of self-love.

Therefore, do not assume that a man who beats you does not love you. Even when they are in abusive relationships, many couples still love one another. They go through phases where they are totally in love and phases where they can’t stand one another.

But regrettably, a lot of them end when relationships become draining and too challenging to maintain. It is preferable to be by yourself than with other people.

Preventing Further Violence

Domestic violence is a continual series of incidents where you frequently damage someone close to you. Usually, violence is not simply a one-time thing.

Everyone must be able to spot abuse when it occurs and safeguard both himself and others from its damaging effects. Even though it can happen once, you shouldn’t allow it to happen twice.

If things get worse, please get help as soon as possible. Call 911 or the nearest local domestic violence shelter because you’ll need all the support to stay away from the abuser.


If you’re still thinking, “is it normal for my boyfriend to hit me” even if it was a one-time thing, it might happen again.  Will he ever hit you again? Let me remind you that he hit you once previously and wouldn’t think twice about hitting you again.

A man who does physical violence will improve his behavior if he undergoes a traumatic or self-reflective event that motivates or pushes him to reform his behavior. But it might take years, if not decades, to do it.

You forgive him because forgiveness heals your soul, but you shouldn’t stay with him.  Many guys in this world wouldn’t dream of laying a hand on a woman. Why deal with one who has already proven that he will go that far if he feels pushed.

Remember, it never was or will be normal for your boyfriend to hit you, and there’s simply no excuse to have your boyfriend hit you. Forgive him, pray for him but make sure you walk away from him.

Say NO to physical violence!!




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