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Telegram is an instant messaging (IM) service app. It is a cross-platform, cloud-based, freeware application. Do you find Telegram to be inappropriate for kids? There are several Telegram spy apps to spy for free you need to know. 

As of July 2021, it had over 550 million monthly active users. It became the most widely used non-gaming application in the world in 2021.

It is a simple, safe, and fast messaging app with various features such as video calling and VoIP services. We sign up for Telegram using our phone numbers, and it syncs across all of our devices.


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Similarly, Telegram was first released in Russia for iOS devices and is now based in Dubai. It is a multiplatform application with versions available for Android, macOS, Linux, iOS devices, and other platforms. It includes features like end-to-end encrypted calls and messages with a feature called “Secret Chats.”

Besides, not all the conversations are end-to-end encrypted; the cloud chats are client-server/server-client encrypted. Now that we know about the Telegram app let’s find out how useful it is.

Benefits of Telegram

You might not find Telegram appealing enough if you already use another software for one-on-one and group chats. On the other hand, Telegram fits the bill if you’re searching for a highly secure chat service with rock-solid security and privacy. Let’s look at some pros of using Telegram.


  • End-to-end encryption

Telegram offers end-to-end encryption as soon as you make a secret chatbox. Using the secret chat feature, you change the encryption process from client-server/server-client to end-to-end, making the chat bulletproof.

  • Self-destructing chats

You can also make your chats disappear after a certain time by using the self-destruct feature. The conversations will self-destruct automatically as soon as the set time is up. It is similar to the vanish mode in Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

  • Large file size

It is the area where Telegram shines. You can send attachments up to 2GB per file, and this is where Telegram has virtually beaten every other app. Some other apps like Skype offer up to 300MB, while WhatsApp provides only up to 16MB.

Why do you need the Telegram spy app?

Telegram is frequently utilized among teenagers due to its popularity and extensive capabilities. However, with features like end-to-end encryption and secret chats, the software quickly became a fertile ground for criminals. 

Even with so many benefits of connecting with Telegram, it has its share of harms and threats. With so much privacy and freedom to talk about anything, youngsters may directly or indirectly indulge in activities that are illegal and seriously frowned upon like

  • Accessing gambling and pornographic sites 

(Learn: How To Block Porn Sites)

  • Purchasing illegal drugs
  • Disclosing personal information
  • Victims of online bullying

In addition, you can control what your kids are accessing on the web. With applications like Telegram, it is very easy for them to be involved in earlier mentioned activities, which are harmful to a child. You need some spy apps that can monitor your child’s online activities.

You might be having thoughts on how you can control your child’s online activities. There are various parental control apps for Windows and smartphones you can choose from, and I have made a list of a few in this article. They are best for parents like you. Rest assured. 

What are Spy apps?

Spy apps are the special application software designed to spy on a host device. It helps parents create a boundary in the online world, and it creates a safe surfing environment for children in the vast and dangerous web ocean. 

Likewise, the main motive of the spy apps is to lay low and gather all the information about the host’s online activities and send it to the spying person. Here I have made a list of some of the best Telegram spy apps to spy on Telegram for free. 

5 Best Telegram Spy Apps to Spy for Free

There are numerous popular Telegram spy apps on the market that allow you to monitor someone’s telegram messages and calls. I have made a list of some most effective and most popular Telegram spy apps. 

1. Hoverwatch

One of the great parental control apps is Hoverwatch. It will provide you real-time access to the device’s location, contact information, calendar information, call history, locations, camera, internet activities, audio, and text messages.


Moreover, it can also help you spy on social media and messaging applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp,, and Telegram apps. It is capable of reading Telegram messages from a secret chat as well.


  • You don’t need to root the target phone to install Hoverwatch, and it also features a stealth mode.
  • It has a built-in keylogger that can track erased texts without them realizing it.
  • You can also use it to track private Telegram chats.

2. mSpy

With mSpy you can spy on Telegram. Your kids’ secret messages in secret messaging apps are no match for mSpy. You can find out who your kids are chatting with the most. Timestamps of every message sent and received are available. 


Besides, you will need the iCloud credentials of the target device, and you are good to go. It offers more than 30 capabilities, including a screen recorder, a keylogger, and a text message tracker.


  • No need to access the target phone or jailbreak it.
  • Your target will never know about the tracking.
  • Real-time GPS location tracking.
  • It can track messages and call logs.
  • Secret messaging apps such as Telegram spying.

3. FlexiSPY 

Another surveillance program that you can install on your computer or mobile device is FlexiSPY. It takes full control of the device and keeps you up to date on everything, no matter where you are. It is capable of reading text messages and spying on secret messaging apps such as Telegram.


You can also view the text messages already deleted with FlexiSpy and see owner of a phone number. Moreover, you can use it for parental control and employee monitoring, and it works on all devices, including Android, Windows, Apple devices, etc.


  • It allows monitoring of the target phone’s text messages.
  • The app can also track messages from secret messaging apps like Telegram.
  • Monitoring and recording GPS locations.
  • Rooting or jailbreaking is a must to use FlexiSpy.
  • It can also track when people log on and off.

4. uMobix

Apart from these apps, uMobix phone app can be used on Android and Blackberry phones, iPhones, and iPads. It is also used for telegram spying. It allows parents to see a lot of information about their children’s Telegram activities, such as their contacts, chats, channels, calls, and locations.


uMobix, unlike other monitoring programs, gathers and delivers every Telegram activity, and it does so every second. Users can read even hidden conversations on target devices. Log in and select “Telegram” from the navigation menu to track Telegram.


  • It can track chat messages through Viber, Facebook, iMessage, and WhatsApp.
  • You can track the location using a geofencing feature.
  • The app includes a keyword filter and alerts you if any vulgar words are there in texts, audio, videos, etc.

5. Cocospy

This spy tool keeps an eye on the important people to you. Cocospy is a spy app that collects messaging and social media activity, contact information, call logs, text messages, keystrokes, and more on Android and iOS phones. Rooting is not necessary for monitored Android devices.


Likewise, hen it comes to Telegram chats, the app captures all of your conversations and delivers them to your online account, complete with timestamps and contact information. However, rooting the tracked smartphone is recommended if you want to use all of the app’s tracking features.


  • It works on Android and iOS devices.
  • Data can be accessed remotely using an online panel.
  • The user interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • The app can spy on contacts, call logs, messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc.
  • Cocospy runs in stealth mode.
  • Geo-fencing feature for monitoring kids.


To sum it all up, there are several Telegram spy apps to spy for free. Telegram with end-to-end encryption in a secret chat feature is good, but that secrecy allows teens to try and do things not meant for their age. So, their activities must be tracked to protect them from the online world.

Thanks to spy software, monitoring kids’ online activities have been possible. I have mentioned only five spy softwares in this article, and I urge you to try them and try others and find out what suits best for your needs.


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