5 Best Tinder Tracking Apps

Tinder is the most popular online dating platform that uses your location to match you with other users in your area and around the world. Sean Rad founded Tinder in 2012. 

Tinder has more than 340 million downloads and is available in 190 countries in 40+ languages.


Tinder is often used as a hangout app, mostly youths, and teenagers. It is a dating app for those who want to have easy communication with people who want to chat, meet, flirt, or be romantically involved. It allows users to swipe right (like) or swipe left(dislike) other users and allows users to chat if both parties swiped to the right (a Tinder match).

There are 75 million active monthly users on Tinder as of September 2021.

With the increasing popularity of Tinder, you should have the best Tinder Tracking Apps to have parental control software over your child to see what they’ve been doing in this popular dating app. Likewise, if you have to spy on your partner, these 5 Best Tinder Tracking Apps are your way to inspect their Tinder activities. 

What is a Tinder Tracking Application?

Tinder Tracking Application is a spy app used to monitor all the activities of someone’s tinder account in an efficient, concealed way. It can access the user’s location history, call history, messages, keystrokes, and abundant user activities in their cell phones.

With this application, you can monitor the doubtful activities of your near ones. It can be available on both android and iOS platforms. Different applications are available for this purpose with both free and paid versions.

Who would use the Tinder Tracker Application?

Tinder is one of the fast-growing online-dating platforms on the Internet. And there are many Tinder Tracking Applications available. So who would require Tinder Tracking Applications, let’s get to know about it below?

  • Parents

Online dating has become a new sensation in today’s digital world. And mostly, adolescents and teenagers are into it. There is nothing wrong with online dating as you can explore yourself and different people, expand your social networks and have fun.

Along with the perks of online dating, many predators on the internet may be trying to exploit your children. There is a risk of explicit exposure that may affect your children’s physical and mental health. Parents use Tinder Tracking apps to protect their child’s data and privacy.

  • Couples

Tinder is mostly for single people. If your partner has Tinder installed on their phone, you might doubt that something is not right. Are you anxious your spouse/partner may be having an affair

Tinder tracking apps can be useful to track their cell phones activities without them knowing. This way, you can get the whole picture of what they are doing on Tinder. But directly asking them to open the Tinder app can result in an unwanted rift between you two.

5 Best Tinder Tracking Apps

Are you bothered that predators on Tinder might target your kids? Or worried that your partner might be doing something sneaky? If so, you have landed in the perfect place. I have listed the top 5 best tinder tracking apps that offer hassle-free monitoring and spying. With these apps, you can track your kid’s and spouse’s cell phones anytime and anywhere you like.

1. PanSpy

PanSpy is a powerful and undetectable monitoring spy app to get a full picture of what’s happening remotely in android and iOS devices. It has abundant features to let you know if your child/partner is on a bad track or doing something behind your back in the tinder app.


Steps to monitor with PanSpy

  • Create a PanSpy account

First of all, register a PanSpy account on the official PanSpy website. Complete all the steps and check your email for the installation instruction.

  • Install and Setup

Download the PanSpy application and install it on your children’s or spouse’s cell phones, then make necessary changes in settings.

  • Start Tracking

Log in to the PanSpy dashboard to track whatever happened on the target device without physical access.


  • View SMS details
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor Social Networking Apps
  • Track Screen Time
  • Manage apps usage
  • Access calls and contacts
  • Track web history
  • Access photos and media library

PanSpy is easy to set up on the desired target device without storing personal data. And it provides the best performance to track all the activities on the targeted cell phones. You can easily keep track of your child’s and partner’s Tinder activities through the PanSpy dashboard.

2. EvaSpy

It is a professional monitoring solution specializing in tracking user activities on cell phones. It is surely one of the best apps to read Tinder messages and view user activities.


It has advanced monitoring features, so if you are worried that your kids are being deceived or involved in any harmful activities on Tinder, Evaspy provides the best tracking solution. And if you want to watch out for your partner’s social networking activity, this is the best spy app.

Steps to monitor with EvaSpy

  1. Disable Google Play Protect from the play store.
  2. Download and Install “EvaSpy Client” and configure it from device administration.

III. Register for your account in EvaSpy.

  1. Verify your email through the login credentials.
  2. Start to monitor and track the activities.


  • Remote Monitoring
  • Read messaging apps
  • Record keystrokes
  • Track Geolocation
  • Monitor internet activity
  • Access contact and calendar
  • View multimedia files
  • Control Apps and programs


SPYERA is a powerful and undetectable monitoring software for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. This app can remotely monitor the targeted devices and works on all platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows PC.


Steps to monitor on SPYERA

  1. Purchase SPYERA license. You will receive your Activation Code and web account login details by email. 
  2. Get the target phone and Install SPYERA.
  3. Log in to your web account; all details about Tinder activities will be listed.


  • Live call recording and listening.
  • SMS keyword deletion
  • Remote camera and video
  • Keylogger
  • Remotely view social networking apps messages.
  • Application activity
  • Geo-fencing
  • Search engine history

This user-friendly app has many tracking features that enable you to monitor your child, partner’s activity and view a detailed report of all their activities on Tinder and other social media platforms.

4. mSpy

mSpy is a mobile monitoring and tracking app that can be installed on your children’s or partners’ cell phones. It allows you to monitor their cell phones location, social media activity, call history, and a lot more. 


This spy app runs quietly in the background once installed and sends you their activity reports in your mSPy account that you can access from remote.

Steps to monitor with mSpy

To install mSpy on the target device cell phone, you need physical access to it. Only then you can follow these steps to monitor and track their phone.

  • Buy a subscription

Once you’re done with the purchase, register your information, and you will be emailed instructions on the installation process.

  • Setting up the app

You will be directed to the mSPy control panel once you have clicked on the link on your email. Now login to the control panel and install the software on the targeted device.

  • Start monitoring

Once your download is complete, you can start to keep an eye on the targeted devices’ cell phones activities. And access all the monitored data from your mSpy account.


  • GPS tracking
  • Read text messages
  • Monitor call history
  • Read emails, text messages, MMS
  • Keylogger
  • Keyword alerts
  • Stealth mode
  • Remote device lock

mSpy is one of the reliable and efficient monitoring spy apps known today. It offers many features, including the ability to track websites visited, call history, Tinder messages sent and received, and  keystrokes typed. With these features you can block websites on your child’s device to make it safer.

It has a user-friendly Web-based dashboard and excellent customer service. The app interface is very easy and works on all major operating systems.

5. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a powerful and easy-to-use parental control app for mobile devices. It allows you to monitor messages, calls, visited websites, GPS location, social media such as Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and much more.


With iKeyMonitor, you can examine your children’s Tinder activities to protect them from cyberbullying, stalkers, sexual predators, explicit websites, and other online threats.

Also, with this spy app, you can track the activities of your spouse on Tinder, their activities screenshots, and other suspicious affairs.

Steps to monitor with iKeyMonitor

  • Sign up

The beginning process to use iKeyMonitor is to sign up for this app. You can go through the official iKeyMonitor website to register and sign up.

  • Download and install

Then, log in to the iKeyMonitor and download the app following the instructions.

  • View data on the could panel

All the data of the targeted devices can be viewed through the control panel.


  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Social Networking apps access
  • Restrict usage
  • Easy remote control
  • Discreet and secure
  • Email alerts
  • Remote monitoring
  • Screen time limit

This spy app is easy to configure even for non-tech savvy people, making it a plus point. It can be useful to track Tinder activities of your children and spouse if you have any concerns for them.


Tinder has become the most popular dating app today, and it is gaining many new users daily. If you ever have to monitor your child’s activities and keep an eye on your partner on Tinder, you can spy on them with these mentioned tinder tracking apps.

To sum up, many spy apps allow you to track Tinder activities. Every activity can be monitored with the apps mentioned above, from recording calls to tracking call history, locations, and viewing keystrokes. Which one do you prefer? Do mention in the comments below. 

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