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Internet and mobile devices have been playing a major role in children’s and teenagers’ daily life. Not just adults, even kids need the internet and their digital devices in their daily life. Whether it is to attend their school, complete their assignment, or for entertainment purposes, every kid needs internet and devices. 

You may have seen many parents give their kids devices to make them busy when doing their works. In the course of making kids engaged with their devices while doing your house chores can make your kids addicted to the devices. 

These days kids prefer digital devices over people; they love to spend time on their devices more than spending time around people. You can see kids being obsessed with the internet and their devices. 

Many parents worry about their kids’ internet obsession. Also, even though you may want to monitor your kids’ internet and device activities, you may not be able to do due to your busy schedule. 


One solution to your problem can be a parental monitoring app that enables you to monitor your kids’ internet activities remotely. 

If you are wondering, there are so many parental control apps and which one to use, you should try the Boomerang Parental Control app. 

Boomerang is a parental control app for monitoring your kids’ devices’ activities. This app has made it easy for parents to know their kids’ online activities, even when they are not around their kids. 

It provides the number of features that all the parents are looking for in the parental control app. Here are some of the top features that boomerang provides:

Features of Boomerang

Monitor Call and Text
Monitoring call and text feature

Monitor Calls and Text

Kids are usually busy on their phones, either making a call or texting their friends. You might not know who your kids call or who they text in your absence. And they may even not like when you check their call log or messages.

Boomerang provides you call and text monitoring feature that allows you to monitor your kids’ call log or text message remotely. And the fun fact is, your kids will not even know that you are monitoring call logs and text messages. 

With boomerang, you can even block numbers either from the contact list or manually. You can even view the total call duration, call time, and caller details using the app. 

Also, you will get a notification when your kids use any explicit on their text messages. To get such notification, first of all, need to make a list of such words.

Screen Time

The screentime feature allows you to set a screentime limit for your kids. You can set a screentime limit for all the devices your kids use.

Setting a screen time limit every day can be quite troublesome. Hence, the app allows you to set a screen time limit for a week at once. 

You can view your kids’ screen time from the dashboard. It even shows you screentime for each app your kids use. 

Once your kids reach their screen limit for any app or the entire device, the app will lock, or the entire device will lock. If your kids have reached their device screen time limit, they will be able to access their phones only for emergency use.

GeoFencing Feature


It has been one of the important features. Most parents look for a geofencing feature whenever they are looking for parental control app. 

The geofencing feature shows you your kid’s location and lets you know their whereabouts. You can set locations that your kids frequently visit like their school, home, relative home, etc. 

This feature also allows you to set some areas as restricted areas, and whenever your kids visit such areas, the app will notify you. 

To view your kids’ location, all you need to do is click on geofencing and then click on the update option. 

App Control Feature

Every day new apps are released, some can be appropriate for kids, and some can be inappropriate. You do not want your kids to download apps that are inappropriate for their age. 

Boomerang provides your app control feature that will notify you whenever your kids download any new app. If you find the app they are going to download is not appropriate for them, you can block such apps.

Likewise, if your kids are using certain apps for excessive time, you can even block them for a certain time. This feature also lets you set a time limit for the app. 

However, one drawback about it is users cannot set apps usage schedules for a day. 

Provides YouTube History

Provide YouTube History
Monitoring YouTube History Feature

As you may be aware that, kids are extremely obsessed with YouTube. They can spend hours on YouTube without getting bored. Sometimes kids might watch videos that might not be appropriate for them.

Using boomerangs’ YouTube history, you can view your kids’ search history, watched history, and saved videos. You can even view your kids’ YouTube activities on the dashboard. 

To block or filter YouTube from your kid’s device using Boomerang, first of all, you need to download Boomerang and open the app. Once you opened Boomerang, selectively manage device opinion, select more options, and then click on the advanced option. Finally, you should click on the “Block YouTube app” option. 

Web Filtering

The next amazing feature that Boomerang provides is the web filtering feature. This feature allows you to filters all the inappropriate websites from your kids’ devices.

This app uses SPIN Browser, which helps to filter and block websites. By using this browser, it prevents your kids from opening inappropriate websites. Interestingly, this feature allows you to categorize web content into 21 categories. 

However, this feature is applicable only in the SPIN browser; it is not available in other web browsers. Hence, kids can use other web browsers to search for anything they want without any restriction, which is the app’s main drawback.

Set Screen Time Schedule

Many kids are sleep deprived due to the excessive use of mobile till late at night. It has been affecting their mental as well as physical health. 

Hence, keeping these issues in mind, Boomerang has come up with one of the amazing features, which is the screening schedule. This feature allows you to set time for device usage. After the time is up, your kids will not be able to use their devices. 

Setting device time usage up to 8 P.M. will assure you that your kids cannot use their device till late at night. 

The Time-out Feature

Another interesting feature that boomerang offers is the time-out feature which helps you control your kids’ app usage. 

With the time-out feature, you can pause your kids’ devices if they use their devices, even when you ask them to stop using them. This feature even allows you to extend your kids’ mobile access time. 

You can manually set a specific time as a time-out feature, which will cause your kids’ device for the mentioned time. 

Pros of Boomerang

Some of the pros of Boomerang are:

  • Offers you 14 days of the free trial.
  • Ensures safe searching for your kids.
  • Sends you a notification if your kids try to uninstall the app. 

Cons of Boomerang

  • Web filtering feature is available only on their own browser.
  • Many features of Android are not available on IOS.

Price Plan of Boomerang

Boomerang offers the following price plan:

Plan Price
Free It is free of cost. However, it is available only for 14 days.
Family Pack It costs $30.99 per year. You can use it for 10 devices. 
Single Device License It costs $15.99 per year for a device.


These days kids spend more time on their devices, either playing games or chatting with their friends rather than doing something productive. 

This has been an increasing concern among parents. Many parents are worried about their kids’ physical health, and many are worried about their academic performance.

Because of the increase in device usage among kids, parents are using parental control apps, enabling you to know what your kids are doing on their devices. 

Many parents use Boomerang to monitor their kids’ device activities as it allows them to control their kids’ devices remotely. With its interesting app control and time-out feature, you can pause your kids’ device. 

The app also does lack some of the features; if these features have added, the app can much better. 

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