How To Clone A Cell Phone To See Text Messages Remotely | 6 Ways

Mobile phones and digital devices have become a way of life in today’s generation, and it is nearly impossible to find an individual without a smartphone nowadays. But it has opened a way for cybercriminals to get their hands on people’s data and privacy through unauthorized and fraud mechanisms.

One of such activities is cell phone cloning. Cell phone cloning allows copying all phone data without accessing their phone. The hacker or fraudster uses another cell phone or software to  clone the data on the targeted phone.


Have you ever wondered if you can clone somebody’s cell phone? Is it even possible, if so, how can you do so? You may have many unanswered questions about cell phone cloning. Worry not; in this article, I will answer queries on cell phone cloning and how to clone a cell phone to see text messages remotely.

What is Cell Phone Cloning?

Cell phone cloning is the act of copying entire phone data and information from one cell phone to another. Cloning is a way to backup a phone, but it can be misused and used illegally to intercept someone’s phone and data.

It is a way to hack a phone without proper authorization as cloning gives access to all phone data, including payment information, misusing credentials, making anonymous calls, etc., that can be vulnerable to one’s security and privacy.

Likewise, cell phone cloning is also done when people wish to switch their phones and transfer their old data into their new phones so that their data is not lost. Also, parents perform cell phone cloning in their child’s devices to track their activity and protect their data and privacy.

6 Ways To Clone Cell Phone To See Text Messages Remotely

If you wish to clone a cell phone, there are several ways to do so. Below are the 6 ways to clone a cell phone to see text messages remotely.

1. Clone Using Bluetooth

One way to clone a cell phone to see text messages remotely is to use a third-party program that can steal data through Bluetooth. The following are the steps for cloning someone’s phone using this method:

Step 1: Install a Bluetooth hacking device on your smartphone.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen directions to install the tool.

Step 3: Connect the target phone after turning on the Bluetooth. For the pairing to work, both devices must be within range.

Step 4: After the connection is established, you can examine the target device’s text messages, phone logs, and other personal information.

Follow the methods outlined above to clone a cell phone to see text messages remotely. 

2. Clone By Copying a Phone Number

You can also clone a cell phone by copying a phone number if you want to try anything more advanced than a tracking app or Bluetooth. With this method, you can remotely know all their phone data and read their text messages and call history, and other phone data with an identical SIM card and a phone number.

Further, you can use a SIM card cloning tool or software to connect to a PC and drivers.

However, this method requires a lot amount of coding and experience. If you feel difficulty with this method, use another approach described in this post. 

3. Using Data Transferring App

Some data transfer apps, such as CLONEit, can be used to clone a phone efficiently. Various cell phone makers also provide data copying assistance, such as transferring to the iOS app. It will make cloning and transferring data across Android and iOS devices much easier.

CLONEit makes cloning even easier. You’ll need the app on both phones and a Wi-Fi connection to connect the two phones and share data. Once you’ve configured one phone to send data and another to receive data, you’re ready to go.

4. Using MobileSpy

MobileSpy aids in the collection of relevant device data from targeted phones. The program allows someone to quickly gain access to your phone without the need for a password. There are also different apps with the same purpose to monitor cell phones and read text messages discreetly.

The app has a great function that allows someone to see text messages from another phone without knowing about it. With social media tracking apps like MobileSpy, we can monitor all text messages and conversations on another phone. Before you begin, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Firstly, log in to your MobileSpy account using the registered email id to monitor texts and chats on your target device.

Step 2: Second, you must install the MobileSpy app on the target phone to track it.

Step 3: After logging into your mobile spy account, you may now follow your target phone.

5. With the Use of an iPhone

You may read text messages from other phones without installing any software on your iPhone by using Backup via iCloud. If you have their iCloud login information, you can back up their data. To begin spying on their text messages without their awareness, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log in to tracked user’s iCloud account.

Step 2: For recovery, select a backup file from your iCloud backups.

Step 3: Select and save the backup file that contains a text message to your computer.

Step 4: Begin scanning messages by selecting them from the pop-up window.

Step 5: After the messages have been scanned, you can now read them.

Step 6: Finally, choose to Recover to Computer to save the data.

6. With the Use of an Android

Do you realize that all text messages you send and receive are automatically downloaded and stored on your phone? On the Google Play store, look for a specific program for restoring and viewing them.

This is the most effective method for viewing text messages from another phone. If your child refuses to share their concerns or hand over the phone to you, an SMS tracker that tracks both sent and received texts may be useful.

6 Signs to know if someone cloned your cell phone

If you doubt that your cell is cloned, here are six signs you can look for showing somebody else is using your device.

  1. Get unexpected texts to restart your cell phone.
  2. Receiving unknown phone bills.
  3. Often, you may stop receiving texts messages and calls.
  4. You get a SIM update message from your cellular service carrier.
  5. On Find My Phone, you see your device in a different location.
  6. You are mysteriously logged out from your accounts.

If you doubt that your phone is cloned, then contact your cellular provider, where they can find the cloned device and block it.


There are rare cases of cell phone cloning and spying nowadays, as there are advancements in security measures to avoid such misconduct. However, one can become a target of phone cloning anytime. 

To prevent this from happening to you, you can use anti-phone spy apps to check and avert your smartphone from being cloned. Parents often wish to watch their children’s mobile activities and clone their phones. However, they can use other spy applications to ensure their child’s safety.

Hence, through this article “how to clone a cell phone to see text messages remotely”, I hope you got an idea about cell phone cloning and ways to clone a cell phone to read text messages remotely.  

Frequently Asked Questions

i. Is cloning a phone illegal or not?

Cloning others’ phones is a negative way to harm others’ privacy and is fraud. Hence, it is illegal in most countries. The one doing so can receive penalties.

ii. Can you clone a phone without someone knowing?

Yes, you can clone a phone without anyone knowing; you just have to use the right software and techniques.

The process of cloning won’t cost anything, but the cloning software is rarely free. Some third parties will sell cloning services for a fee, but it’s usually safer to do it yourself with a well-reviewed piece of software.


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