Covenant Eyes Review

Read this blog to read the full review of Covenant Eyes: Screen Accountability.

Covenant Eyes Review

Internet filters are essential for parents to monitor what their kids surf on the internet. These applications and software help you to control and limit the contents your children find online. 

Kids are curious about new things, and the internet is an ocean of numerous information and content. They don’t know what information is healthy to feed themselves with and what is harmful. It would be best to put an eye on whether your children are fruitfully using the internet or are misusing it.

Many internet filter software and applications in the market help limit your children’s web surfing. One of them is Covenant Eyes. This application is predominantly used to monitor and limit your kids from watching or receiving information about adult content. 

What is Covenant Eyes App?

Covenant Eyes is software used to monitor and control your children from watching or indulging in adult content on the internet. This application is made by Ron DeHaas, who intended to build this software to help control the misuse of adult content and porn by teenagers and kids.

This app is built to control the online activities of your kids. It acts as an internet filter that filters out and denies access to websites that are adult content-oriented. Covenant Eyes is an app to protect your children from adult content and pornographic content on the web but does not protect them from online predators. This app has limited functions and cannot be fully used as an overall parental control app for your kids

Installing Covenant Eyes App

You can install the software on many operating systems. You can download it in the following operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS 

Covenant Eyes application is easy to install and use. It has a simple setup process so that even parents who are not that into advanced technology can use it easily. 

You need to register in the app after downloading it before the installation process. Then, follow the procedure:

  • Log in to the application.
  • As you get the welcome screen, swipe to get a pop-up for VPN activation.
  • Activate the VPN.
  • Allow the usage.
  • Allow notifications.
  • You’re all set to use the application.

Features of Covenant Eyes App

There are a lot of functionalities this application gives you. Some are listed below. 

1. Screen Monitoring

Covenant Eyes app has an amazing feature that helps you monitor your child’s screen. It takes a screenshot of the web pages your kid visits in a specific time interval and keeps the record for future reference.

2. Screen Analysis

The other feature of this application is that it uses artificial intelligence to analyze the saved screenshots. It uses AI to analyze if the screenshot contains any adult content.

3. Screen Processing

Analyses the contents that are inappropriate and blurred them for privacy reasons. They are stored in the record for you to check the type of content your kid was going through.

4. Time Limitation

Time limitation is one of the great and helpful functions this application has. It helps to set a time limit for your kid to visit a particular webpage. They can no longer get access to the page once the time limit exceeds.

5. Activity Report

Processes the screenshots of any suspicious activities or contents on the web together into a report. Then sends the report to the parent’s device as a notification.

6. Safe Search

It has a feature to block all adult or pornographic sites automatically. The safe search feature will help your child have a safe search on the internet, and they will not come across such sites accidentally.

Pricing Details of Covenant Eyes App

There are three types of subscription packages you can take while buying the Covenant Eyes Application.

Personal – $9.99

  • It is the starting price for each month.
  • Users can use the plan for individuals.
  • You can use the filtering or accountability feature or both of them.

Family – $13.99

  • It is a flat price for each month.
  • You can use it for monitoring your kids.
  • All the users will get the accountability feature.
  • Filtering features for any username will not cost extra.

Group – $13.99

  • It is the starting price for each month.
  • Users can use it for different organizations such as schools, churches, etc.
  • Periodically reviews the app.
  • You can use the accountability and filtering feature.


Covenant Eyes App is an excellent solution for monitoring your children and protecting them from the adult content found on the internet. You can filter out the sites that are not appropriate for your kids to watch. You can also use this app for adults to help fight porn addiction.

Covenant Eyes helps you monitor your kid’s web surfing by helping you monitor their screen. It has a different approach to blocking adult content on the internet. It has many advantages but some disadvantages. The main disadvantage could be that you can’t use it as a fully functioning parental control application. The app helps to filter out the adult content that your children search on the web. That’s the only purpose of this application. It doesn’t help protect your children from other dangers of the internet, such as online predators and spam followers. 

There are alternative applications you can use to have the other facilities as well. Mspy parental control app, Famisafe, Net Nanny are some of the applications you can use to prevent your children from any dangers they face online. It’s time to tackle the harms of technology on your children using the right technology to monitor them as a parent. 

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