Decoding Teen Slang

Slang is a word or abbreviation which adds meaning and emotions to a text. Slang is unique and different as per generations. It has multiple meanings, and it may be tricky. 

Every adult and parent faces difficulty while keeping up with teens and the words they use. Due to the influence of music, the internet, and media, new words are constantly being introduced.

You were also a teen a few years ago, but the slang trend keeps updating in a couple of months. The emotion and theme of slang remain the same, but slang keeps changing every year. 

You may feel, why do teens use slang? 

Teen Slang
Teen Slag

Teen wants to differentiate themselves from their parents and want to feel unique. Using slang keeps them bounding with friends. They feel independent and free while using coded language. 

This article will be helpful to have an idea about the codes your teen is using. Parents need to know the harmful and harmless teen slang. Some slang is used to keep secrets with their parents. After decoding teen slags, you can monitor teen’s texts, emails, and social media. 

What’s The Purpose of Using Slang?

Teenagers use slang to communicate a particular message in between the group. It creates commonality among teenagers. Sometimes, it may exclude a person who doesn’t know the slang. 

Do you feel lost in between the conversation with teens?

Are you unable to understand your teens?

No worries!!

You don’t need a translator to understand your teen.

Here I have covered you up with some teen slang. It will be easy to decode your kid’s secret, including code words and phrases. 

Let’s go through some examples of slang phrases :

  • Hey Richie! What’s up?

Not Much!

Here, “What’s Up” doesn’t mean what is above your head.

 It means- What are you doing?

  • I have passed the exam.


In this conversation, sweet doesn’t mean it tastes sweet. Second personal replies as “fantastic!” you have passed the exam. 

  • Thanks for your kind information, Richie

No biggie, Sam

No biggie represents- It’s not a problem in the above conversation.

Slangs That Are Harmless For Teens

Let’s have a fun start. This teen slang is for entertainment and nothing to worry about. Teen seeking to be cool use such slang. While using this slang, they feel to have a special bonding with their friends. 

Some harmless teen slag is listed below:

GOAT: It’s not an animal, but it represents- Greatest of all time 

Lit: It says- Exciting, cool, or amazing

Dope: It says- Cool, Amazing, or Awesome

Gucci: It’s not any brand, but it represents- Good or cool

YOLO: It says- You only live once

Bruh: It says- Bro or Brother

Fam: It says- Closest friend or family

FOMO: It says- Fear of missing out

OMG: It says- “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my God.”

Salty: It’s not any taste factor, but it represents- angry, bitterness, or agitated

Sic: It says- cool or sweet

Snatched: It says- Looks good, perfect, or fashionable

TBH: It says- To be honest 

Thirsty: It says- trying to get attention

YOLO: It says- You only live once

Snatched: It says- looks good, perfect, or fashionable

Bae: It says “Before Anything Else” for boyfriend or girlfriend 

Emo: It says for someone who is emotional or a drama queen

Basic: It says- Boring or Average 

Noob: It says for someone who doesn’t know anything or a new one

Sus: It says something suspicious or shady

SMH: It says- Shaking my head 

IKR: It says- I know, right?

IDEK: It says- I don’t even know

Huggle: It says- Hugs and snuggles

KOTL: It says- Kiss on the lips

GOMB: It says- Gets off my back

IMO: It says- In My Opinion

POA: It says- Plan of action 

ACC: It says- Actually

OFC: It says- Of course

NC:    It says- No comment

LYAAF: It says- Love you as a friend 

WRU: It says- What are you doing?

WUD: It says-What, are you doing?  

Skeet: It says- let’s go 

Dip: It says- To leave

Shade: It says- Trash Talk

V: It says- Very

Tryna: It says- Trying something to

Slangs That May Harm Teen

Sometimes your kid’s needs require more maturity and advice from parents. Following are some slang that may harm teen:

WTH: It says- What the hell

A: It says- As F***

LMIRL: It says- Let’s meet in real life

1174: It says- code for a meet, often to meet at wild party

9, CD9, Code 9: It says- Parents are nearby

99: It says- Parents are gone

TDTM: It says- Talk dirty to me

KMS, KYS: It says- Kills myself, kill yourself

182: It says- I hate you 

SWYP: It says- So what’s your problem

KPC: It says- Keeping parents clueless 

121: It says- Let’s chat in private

Ghost: It says- Ignoring someone on purpose

Curve: It says- Rejecting someone romantically

Clouds: It says- Vapour from the vape

THOT: It says- That wh*** over there

A3: It says- Anytime, anywhere, anyplace

Zerg: It says- to gang up for some issue up on someone

Straight Fire: It says- Hot or trendy

Zombies: It says- someone suddenly appears back to your life 

DTR: It says- Defines the relationship

Netflix and chill: It is not about watching Netflix together. It’s a plan for meeting up or having sex.

And many more. 

Slangs That Are Illegal

Slang has become the best hiding place for teenagers. So parents need to keep an eye on them. Following are some illegal slangs: 

Thirsty: This shows being desperate for something

Smash: It says- Casual sex

420: It says- Marijuana 

CID: It says- Acid

White lady: It says- Cocaine, Heroin 

DOC: It says- Drug of choice

Blow: It says- Cocaine

Bud: It says- Marijuana

Skrill: It says- Money 

This list of slang may go way too long. We have listed some common slang used by teens.

Similarly, there are different emoticons and emojis used for secret conversations in social media.

Have You Ever Caught Your Kid Sexting Using Some of the Above Slangs?

Sometimes teens use slang words for sexting, which has been very common among teenagers these days. Teens love to explore and try out new things and due to which sometimes they might get into wrong track. 

NIFOC: It says- Naked in front of a computer

GNOC: It says- Get naked on camera 

8: It says-Oral sex

CU46: It says- See you for sex 

GYPO: It says- Gets your pants off

FMH: It says- F**** me harder

Sorg: It says- Straight or Gay?

143: It says- I love you 

You should know the following things if your teens are sexting:

  • Talk about the dangers of sexting
  • Everything remains there forever, even if you delete them. So aware them not to share nude pictures
  • Make an easy environment to come up for help

Final Thoughts

Slangs are an informal way of communication. Excessive use of slang may affect the vocabulary of teens. Instead of using a standard language, teens might get habituated to slang and phrases. Sometimes this may limit the communication if a listener is unknown about the slang.  

Avoiding communication between teens and parents may evolve many horrible situations. Parents need to take time to ask kids about their activities. Always visit sites to decode their codes and phrases if you found something suspicious.

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