Enter Cell Number To Read Texts Free Without Installing on Target Phone

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to intercept and read someone’s texts without installing a tracker on the target phone? Well, it turns out there are some ways you can achieve this. It might sound surprising, but you can enter cell number to read texts free without installing on target phone. 


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This article will help you know how you can intercept texts without any spy apps installed on the target phone without them knowing.

Is Intercepting Text Messages Without Target Phone Access for Free Possible

It depends on the target device. If it is an iOS device, it is possible without even accessing the target device once. For tracking an iOS device, all you need is the iCloud account credentials linked to their device. However, you must sync messages to the iCloud, and you will be able to access synced messages only.

But if it is an Android device, you would need to access it at least once. Once you set up the tracker, it will periodically access the messages and send them to the server. There are some other ways to see text messages remotely

However, here, we will learn about “Enter Cell Number To Read Texts Free Without Installing on Target Phone. So, let’s look at some of the apps that can remotely access SMS and text messages and help you spy on all the conversations your close ones are having.

Enter Cell Number to Read Texts Free without Installing on Target Device 

Since we have covered if it is possible or not to intercept and read text messages without target phone access, I have made a list of some applications that allows you to enter a cell number to read texts without installing them on target device. 

Using mSpy

mSpy phone monitoring tool is used for intercepting someone’s text messages without the target phone for free online. You only need to know the user’s iCloud credentials to use this text message interceptor i.e., mSpy without accessing the target phone.


Similarly, it offers over 30 capabilities, including a keylogger, screen recorder, and text message tracker. You may read all sent, received, and deleted texts on the target smartphone, including those on social media, using the app’s text message tracker.


  • You can examine all sent and received messages online without being detected on your mSpy dashboard.
  • Every message detail like contact information and even the timestamp will be displayed.
  • It can track shared attachments and other details in addition to texts.
  • WhatsApp spy, text spy, WeChat spy, messenger spy, etc. are some basic features.
  • It is unnecessary to access someone’s phone even once or jailbreak it.
  • Your target will never know about the spy software on their phone.
  • The other user will be unaware that you are using mSpy to intercept their messages.


  • It allows location tracking in real-time.
  • This SMS tracker tool will enable you to monitor the target phone without them knowing.
  • It can also track call logs.
  • This program will allow you to spy on text messages without accessing the target phone.
  • It makes sure your child is safe from predators and con artists.
  • This SMS tracking program will enable you to intercept text messages remotely and encrypt and protect your personal information.


  • It is expensive.
  • You will need iCloud accounts credentials.

2. Using Hoverwatch

The Hoverwatch Android SMS tracker is a phone tracking app designed specifically for Android users. You can use it to follow various phone activities, including intercepting text messages, watching someone’s calls, and knowing their GPS location via text.

Moreover, with Hoverwatch, you can see every piece of information, even if the user tries to erase it from their phone. The installation procedure is quick and simple. For this, create an account, select a compatible subscription plan, and install the program on the target device.


  • Hoverwatch will show a thread of all the discussions and timestamps, and contact information.
  • It can track data from apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Telegram, and others, and SMS.
  • Besides, the monitoring app has a built-in keylogger that can follow their deleted texts without being aware.
  • To install Hoverwatch, you don’t need to root the target phone, and it also has a stealth mode.


  • It allows you to intercept text messages on the target Android phone.
  • A free trial version of this mobile phone spy app is available.
  • It can also track call logs
  • While using our location tracking service, you will stay undetectable.


  • You won’t be able to hack texts without physically accessing the target phone for a limited time.
  • Only rooted phones have access to many of the tracking SMS features.

3. Using FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a one-of-a-kind SMS tracker tool for several reasons. It allows you to intercept all text messages; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list. Secondly, you can remove someone’s text messages by selecting specific keywords.


Additionally, it is one of the most advanced SMS tracker programs since it gives you the ability to restart the phone, monitor battery levels, and delete apps. You can also read the deleted messages, see the name and phone number of each contact.


  • Parental controls are available.
  • You may monitor the targeted phone’s text messages online.
  • It allows you to delete or disable this app remotely.
  • It offers a simple and convenient remote installation solution.
  • You can keep track of how people log on and off.
  • Allows you to delete or disable applications remotely.
  • Access is granted with the use of a secure key combination.


  • You can prevent the target device from uninstalling this program.
  • It provides powerful SMS tracking capabilities.
  • The app provides a convenient remote installation solution.
  • It can keep track of when people log on and off.
  • Also, FlexiSpy enables you to send remote commands to the target device from the web.


  • Physical access is required.
  • On the target device, rooting/jailbreaking is needed.

4. Using KidsGuard Pro

It is one of the most effective tracking apps available. KidsGuard Pro‘s several SMS tracking functions include viewing all incoming and outgoing text messages. You can also trace missed calls and erased text messages, and it works across all major social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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Further, this SMS phone tracker is great because it’s really simple to operate and requires one-time physical access to the device. As soon as you’ve installed the software on their phone, you’ll be able to read their text messages without ever having to install anything again. Thus, it is one of the best spy apps for android.


  • With KidsGuard Pro, you can enter the mobile phone number and view texts free without installing anything on the target phone.
  • You can access the sent and received messages in the form of chats once you’ve completed the setup.
  • Additional information such as the timestamp and the contact will be presented for each text.
  • It can hack text messages and track information on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.
  • Because KidsGuard Pro has a stealth mode feature, the other user would be unaware that you have hacked their messages without touching the target phone.


  • You can read all incoming, outgoing, and deleted text messages.
  • It comes with extra mobile tracking functions.
  • Timestamps are visible. 


  • There is no free trial available.
  • Spying on iPhone is not possible as of yet as iPhone users are currently unable to access the service.


This is our in-depth guide to enter a cell number to read texts free without installing on target phone. You can access and intercept messages on the target using a variety of third-party spyware.

These are only a few available applications that you can use to intercept and view a target’s text messages. The ones mentioned in this article are some of the best phone spy apps. Correspondingly, Highster mobile, Spyera, SpyBubble Pro, Cocospy, and MobileSpy are other some honorable mentions for text message spy applications.

All the apps mentioned above help you track the messages of your close ones and monitor their every online activity. 


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