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Keeping an eye on your kids for working parents can be extremely difficult. Kids are on their phones all the time and you never know what they are using on their phones.

Many kids get on the wrong track either due to peer pressure or curiosity. Even if you do not want to intervene in your child’s privacy you may have, to keep your kids on the right track.

Hence, for this reason, you need to use a parental control app that helps you to keep track of your kids smartphones. You can use the Family Time app, which monitors your kids’ phone calls and all other device activities.

Family Time app is a 100% effective parental control app, for monitoring your kids’ device activities. Using a single account, you can monitor multiple devices and invite your partner to monitor your kids’ activities.

The app provides you with great customer support and tries to solve your problem as soon as they receive it. One interesting thing about the app is you can download the app on your PC and monitor your kids’ activities from it.

However, one drawback of the Family Time app is kids can easily uninstall it without your permission. But if you go to the setting and block access, you can somehow prevent kids from uninstalling the app.

Family Time provides many features which are essential to keep track of your kids’ device. Some of the important features of Family Time apps are:

Features of Family Time

Location Tracking

One of the most common features that everyone looks for in a parental control app is the location tracking feature. This feature allows you to keep track of places your kids’ visited throughout the day or a week.

To this day, this feature is of great use. Nowadays kids’ safety is the main concern for all parents. And this app helps the parents to a large extent. The app will show you places they visited along with the exact time. This app makes sure that the parents are informed every time the kids step out of the house.

Most kids, especially teenagers are rebellious and don’t feel the need to inform their parents about their whereabouts and often land in trouble. Hence, this feature is extremely important for all parents to make sure that their kids are safe at all times.

Family time ensures to provide a great location tracking feature and lessens the concern of the parents to a certain extent.

Geo-Fence (Places)

In the family time app, you can add the list of addresses of places where kids are most likely to be like home, school, friend’s house, And then you can track the details of the time they’ve entered or exited from that place.

You can also add the address of places you don’t want your kids to go like bars, clubs, casinos, or any unsafe places, and track if they’re ever going to those places or not. This feature automatically notifies you whenever they visit places you have restricted them to visit.

This feature in family time makes sure that your kids do not visit the restricted areas and you’re always aware of your kid’s travel history.

Time Limits

Family time provides the time limit feature for limiting the screen time of your kids. This feature is important for kids who cannot stop using their devices. The app provides you with the right to decide for how long can your kid use the internet in a day.

Generally, kids of this generation are captivated by the extensive reach of the internet. It is a place where you cannot be bored because of its large variety of content, so the kids are dependent on the internet.

Through this app, you can allot a specific time in a day that is used when they can use the internet. And when the screen time is over the kids must stop the use of the internet. If your kids continue to use their device even after the time exceeds then you’ll be notified within a few seconds.

App Blocker

Like most of the other apps, family time also allows you to block unnecessary apps from your kid’s device. You can choose which apps are appropriate for the kids and which apps are not.

Even if the kids try to use those blocked apps, they’ll be notified that it has been blocked and even you’ll be notified that your kids tried to access the app.

This feature is of great importance especially for the parents of teenagers. The growing kids are often curious about the web and they want to explore as much as they can. And in this process of exploration, they may end up on apps that are appropriate for them.

They may also land up on apps that can disturb them mentally. Hence, it is better to block those apps once and for all.

Call and Text Monitoring

Another very important feature that the Family Time app provides calls and text monitoring. Teenagers spend almost all of their time texting and talking on their phones. And you may never know what kind of people they’re talking to.

The internet can be a very risky place to be as you can never figure out the intention of the people you’re talking to. Especially teenagers are the ones who are likely to fall into the trap of those evil people.

To save your kids from falling into any kind of trouble it is very important to be on the safe side and monitor their chat and call details which you can get using this app.  However you can only view their text and call details, you can block the people they’re talking to.

Pros of Family Time

Family time is the ultimate parental control app with so many different features and money-worthy advantages. Here, I’ve listed a few of them:

  • The installation and setup process is very easy.
  • Supports geofencing.
  • You can block any unnecessary apps.
  • Excellent alert system
  • Has calls and SMS logging systems.

Cons of Family Time

When it comes to the disadvantages of the family time app, there are quite a few and they’re listed below:

  • This app is quite expensive.
  • Doesn’t support web content filtering.
  • Cannot monitor Macs or PCs.
  • Easy to uninstall.

Pricing of Family Time

The pricing of family time apps is based on the number of devices they can be used on. If you want to use it in a single device then the cost is $27 per year. For two devices, the cost is $35 per year and for 5 devices the cost is $69 per year. But there is no installation limit on the parental app.

This app also has a free trial period but it lasts only for 3 days. I feel that this app is quite overpriced but it has some amazing features as well.

But if we compare this app with other parental control apps then you can easily say that it is overpriced and you can get other apps much cheaper than this with equally great features and functions.

How to Install Family Time

You can easily install Family Time on your kids’ devices. Here’s a guide to install Family Time on your kids’ Android and IOS devices.

Installing Family Time on Android:

  • Go to your Google Play and install the Family Time app.
  • Once you install the app, you can sign in to the app from your Google account or even from your Facebook or Email.
  • You will be sent a verification mail that you need to verify.
  • Now select add device, to add devices that you want to monitor.
  • Then add your kids’ name and gender and then select your childs’ device type.
  • Finally select “Yes, I’ve done it.”

Installing Family Time on IOS:

  • Go to the App Store, download, and install the Family Time app.
  • If you want notification from the app, select allow the notification.
  • Now sign up to the app either using your Google account or by using your email or Facebook account.
  • If you are using your email then you will receive a verification that you need to enter.
  • Now click on next and allow the app to access your location.
  • Enter your child’s name and gender and tap on “Next.”
  • Now select your kids’ device type.
  • Finally, select “Yes I’ve done it” and start monitoring your kid’s device.


Finally, to conclude, I’d like to say that the family time app is a must-have if you’re looking for something that has great features like geofencing, call, and text monitoring, app blocking, and is extremely easy to use.

Having said that, it also has its own sets of disadvantages and some scope for improvement. It is quite expensive as compared to all the parental control apps available on the internet. And one of the most important features, web filtering is not available in family time.

FamilyTime also does not support social media monitoring and we all know it is a huge disadvantage. But you can of course completely block the app from your kid’s device.

After considering some of the above-mentioned points, I feel that the app may not be the best parental control app but it does a decent job and has some amazing features. Therefore, this app is worth a try.

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