Highster Mobile Parental Control Software Review

Parents are raising a new generation of tech-savvy kids. Toddlers use mobile devices and tablets to communicate. In addition, most schools have included computers and tablets in their curriculum.

Parents give their children and teenagers mobile devices since it is convenient to communicate with them. It also allows parents to know where their children are and what they may be doing.


Parents confront a difficult task in evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of providing their children digital independence while also establishing the boundaries of that independence. Most parents recognize that limiting their children’s internet access and online activities may hinder their capacity to study and develop.

However, this entails exposing youngsters to internet risks and information beyond their comprehension. Parents should be conscious of their child’s data and privacy.

That’s why implementing powerful security software with parental control on all devices may enable parents and their kids to navigate the digital world around them. Just like you educate your child to lock the doors while alone at home, they should also learn to utilize a security system on their phone or tablet.

Go through Highster Mobile parental control software review for more detailed information.

What is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a cell phone monitoring application that allows you to watch your child’s phone or tablet (with their permission). The app is compatible with any Android phone, iPhone, or iPad.

Highster Mobile

If you’re considering purchasing a mobile monitoring app, we recommend reading the below Highster Mobile Review first. We’ll go through the significant points about Highster Mobile application to assist you in deciding whether you should use it.

Features: Highster Mobile Parental Control Software Review

Here are the amazing features that Highster Mobile Application provides.

1. Tracks Location

The Highster Mobile parental control app features geofencing functionality and location tracking. The location tracking function works just as it sounds; you must go to Google Maps, where your child’s specific position will be shown. If your smartphone is misplaced, you may use this function to track it down.


You’ll always know where your kids are, and if they’re in a restricted or hazardous area, you’ll be able to safeguard them ahead of time.

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2. Monitors Social Media

The primary source of socializing is social media, and it’s like a journal that has access to people’s innermost secrets. So, if you want to learn more about someone, go to their social media sites.

Highster Mobile allows you to monitor what the device owner performs on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber, among others. It gives you a list of the messages sent and exchanged on these sites.

With this cell phone monitoring app, you may also keep track of any emails they’ve sent or received. You may build a list of terms here, and you’ll be informed if those terms appear in any of the conversations or emails.

3. Manage Calls and Texts

Text messages are a genuine and popular way for teens and adults to communicate nowadays. Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring app has the ability to read, unread, and delete messages as well as data logs.


Using the call recording and text message monitoring tools, you can quickly discover who your children are speaking with. It also shows incoming and outgoing call information, as well as a contact list and call length.

There’s also the option of recording calls and noises in the background. You’ll also be updated regularly on the top 5 callers and top 5 calls.

You may also monitor their SMS, iMessages, webchats, and shared pictures and videos. You may also make a list of words that Highster Mobile will watch for and alert you to if they occur in any communications. If required you can block outgoing calls and texts on your child’s mobile phones.

4. Blocks Applications

You can ban harmful apps from your children’s mobile devices with the Highster Mobile app blocker. Parents may ban dating apps, games, and unsuitable apps containing potentially dangerous explicit material.

You may also block unsuitable applications on your child’s smartphone and make them invisible. Also, if you want to limit applications for a specific period, you may do so.

You may even limit applications for a specific time if you wish. This may be a great way to reduce study distractions while also encouraging healthy online habits. Another fantastic feature of the app blocker is that it alerts parents immediately if their children attempt to use a restricted or forbidden program.

5. Remote Lock

Another useful but underrated feature available on the Highster Mobile app is Remote Wipe. It is a security feature that allows you to wipe out all the data from a lost or stolen device.

For example, if your child loses their phone and you have a Highster Mobile app on both devices, you may delete all of the data from your child’s smartphone from yours.

This feature protects your children’s personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

6. Usage Reports

This function provides you with a detailed report on your child’s gadget usage of their online activities. Apps, Phones, and Web are the three subcategories inside the use report category.


You can view a list of all the applications that your child uses daily and the amount of time spent in each app during a given session. You may examine the records of incoming and outgoing calls for any given day in the phone section. You may also see the call’s start and end times.

In the online area, you can see all of the websites your children have visited as well as the time they spent on them. It displays a lock icon in front of the link if the children have attempted to access the prohibited sites.

Pricing: Highster Mobile Parental Control Software Review

Price is an essential consideration for anybody searching for parental control software. Highster Mobile’s pricing is simple and affordable, which we like. There are two options to choose from, which require a one-time payment, and others, on the other hand, will require regular expenses on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Furthermore, the cost is the same whether you use an Android or an iOS smartphone.

Basic: This is the cheapest option, with a one-time payment of $29.99. You’ll be able to use essential functions like call and text monitoring, as well as GPS tracking.

Pro: If money is not a problem, this is the superior choice with a one-time payment of $69.99. It gives you access to all of the most outstanding features, such as a message recorder and keystrokes.

Aside from the straightforward price scheme, we appreciate that Highster Mobile offers a free trial. You get 30 days to try the app and determine if it is okay with the latter. If not, contact their customer service personnel, and you will be given a full refund. This is a fantastic approach to ensure your satisfaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Highster Mobile Parental Control Software Review

I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of Highster Mobile.


  • There’s no need to root. It’s simple to set up and utilize.
  • The installation instructions are simple and straightforward.
  • There are no monthly fees or continuing charges if you pay a one-time charge.


  • There are no free trial or demo versions available.
  • There is no technical help available via live chat (phone and email only)

Installation and Setup: Highster Mobile Parental Control Software Review

To install and set up the Highster Mobile app on your device and the targeted device, you can follow the measures given below:

  • Go to Highster Mobile’s official website, select your membership plan, and download the app.
  • Install the program after customizing the settings.
  • Fill up your information by clicking on the app icon.
  • To create an account, open the app icon and fill in your information.
  • After that, you have two options: kid profile or supervisor profile. To proceed, select the supervisor profile.
  • Then install the app on the targeted device and fill out the information, but be sure to select the child profile option.
  • Customize all of the settings on your child’s smartphone and, if desired, ban any app.
  • Link both the accounts and the app is ready to use.


One of Highster Mobile’s best features is recovering deleted text messages. You won’t have to be concerned about the user receiving and then deleting messages. Highster Mobile has a message recorder that keeps track of all messages sent, received, and deleted.

You may also use this sophisticated program to recover texts that have been erased for days, weeks, months, or years. That’s something that may come in handy if you’re attempting to piece together nefarious activity.

Once you’ve purchased this parental control application, there are no hidden costs. It’s yours for life, and you’ll get free upgrades for the rest of your life. As a result, it is a cost-effective option for anybody searching for a monitoring solution.

They also provide live telephone assistance, which is remarkable. This feature isn’t available with all spy software. When dealing with a problem, this becomes one of the most critical aspects.

Highster Mobile is a cost-effective cell phone monitoring software to keep an eye on a child’s phone. It’s a strong piece of software that gives you all the information you need to ensure the user isn’t up to no good. Installation is simple, and navigating is intuitive. 

The dashboard is intended to assist you in rapidly locating the information you want. It’s not only the features that make Highster Mobile such a great Android spy app, and they also provide fantastic customer care that will assist you with any problems.

What do you think about Highster Mobile Parental Control Software Review? Do let us know in the comment section below. Thank You!

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