How to Check Last Seen on WhatsApp | 7 Step-by-step Guide

WhatsApp’s last seen status is shown under a person’s name inside the chatbox, and they are visible by default. But there is a way to hide it from other people, and it gives your online status to people.

With nearly two billion monthly active users as of 2021, WhatsApp is the most popular global mobile messenger app, surpassing Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion) and WeChat (1.2 billion).


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What if your kids stay online by hiding their online status after bedtime? What if your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse is hiding their active status and chatting with someone else instead of you? Is there a way to catch them? How to Check Last Seen on WhatsApp? 

There are some online tracker apps to see the last seen status even if they hide it. 

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp, is a worldwide freeware cross-platform centralized instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service owned by Meta Platforms.

The software allows users to send text and voice messages, participate in audio and video chats, and share photos, documents, user locations, and other content. WhatsApp’s client application is available on both mobile devices and desktop PCs.

You must have a cellular phone number and then register the number to create a WhatsApp account to use the service. You can sync all the contacts and connect to them as you like.

When you use WhatsApp Messenger to message someone, end-to-end encryption is applied. Because of the end-to-end encryption, only you and the person you’re conversing with can read or listen to what’s sent, with no one else, including WhatsApp, in the middle.

Can You See the Last Seen Status of WhatsApp?

Anyone with whom the user communicates can see their last seen status on WhatsApp. It is visible by default in WhatsApp chats. But it won’t be visible when a person disables the last seen status visibility settings. You cannot see it without using a third-party app. 

There are some third-party applications available in PlayStore and AppStore. In this blog, I have made a list of a few WhatsApp last seen checkers, so you can know how to check last seen on WhatsApp. So, let’s understand what they are and what they can do.

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WhatsApp Last Seen Checker

By default, WhatsApp last seen status appears below the contact’s name and profile picture. However, it is possible to hide it. If it is hidden, you cannot know when the last time the person was active. But some WhatsApp monitor apps enable you to see the hidden last seen status.  

You can find so many WhatsApp last seen checker apps but beware of these third-party apps. They should not be trusted blindly. Go through the review section first, or you might fall victim to spyware. If you ever fall victim to spyware, you can use some anti-spyware software.

Let’s look at them and find out how they ease the process to check last seen on WhatsApp.

1. Last Seen

The most dependable parental control app for WhatsApp and Telegram is Last Seen. Last Seen is the most user-friendly app for keeping track of your family’s WhatsApp activities. As the name suggests, you can use Last Seen to check the last seen on WhatsApp.


It is a family-friendly app that notifies you when your children and other family members go online and offline on WhatsApp and provides vital information about their online activities.


  • It shows accurate last seen time.
  • The ap can track multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Instant online and offline notification service.
  • Generates and displays handy activity logs.

2. Chatwatch

Another powerful and dependable WhatsApp monitoring tool is Chatwatch. Chatwatch Whatsapp online checker and tracker offers a wide range of applications. Consider monitoring teens who stay up all night chatting before a big test and coworkers who spend more time on Whatsapp than they should.


One of the interesting features of Chatwatch is its AI. You can find out when they went to bed and when they got up, compare conversation trends across people you know, and Chatwatch will tell you how likely they are to talk to each other throughout the day using Artificial Intelligence


  • Notifies when anyone from the watchlist comes online.
  • It provides all the chatting history.
  • Measure the probability of two contacts chatting together.
  • Insights about their bedtime, time spent chatting, etc.

3. W Track

W Track is one of the best apps available to check last seen on WhatsApp. wTrack allows you to check your family or friends’ WhatsApp account online status, and you can know when your child goes online or offline with parental control.


Your WhatsApp account will display additional online/offline time, duration, and contact information. Furthermore, it is fully anonymous, and your contacts will have no idea that you are monitoring their last seen status or online behavior.


  • WhatsApp activity statistics on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis.
  • Activate push notifications to receive fast notifications when someone on WhatsApp is online or offline.
  • It supports both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can also disable the WhatsApp app on someone’s phone in the premium plan.

4. WaStat

WaStat can track if your WhatsApp contacts are online or offline. It is also accessible for free. You can add a contact to check someone’s online status. Then you’ll be notified whenever the contact goes online. You can even examine how long the contact was active on the internet. 


You can tell if your children use WhatsApp or study in their rooms. Furthermore, this WhatsApp last seen checker is quite easy to use, and the application’s size is small, so it operates very smoothly. You can also look at statistics from the last 30 days.


  • Anyone’s WhatsApp number can be checked to see if it is online.
  • You can see all-time intervals in a convenient clock format.
  • Charts of the latest 30 days statistics are also available.
  • Finally, it sends you alerts when someone is online on WhatsApp using its notification feature.

5. WhatsLog

If you’re wondering how to view last seen on WhatsApp, even if it’s hidden, WhatsLog is a fantastic online tracker for WhatsApp that you may utilize. You can add any of your friends’ phone numbers to this app, and you will receive a notification every time they go online or offline on WhatsApp.


You may also customize the notification sounds for each contact with this WhatsApp last seen checker. Before purchasing, it offers a one-day free trial. Furthermore, you can cancel your subscription; your data is stored on their secure protocol, and everything’s safe.


  • Accurate and quite useful.
  • The WhatsApp last seen checker app includes a detailed list of online/offline behavior for all of your contacts’ loved ones.
  • It will automatically recognize the number and even block the bothersome telemarketers.
  • The app is operational at all times.
  • You have complete control over the notification sounds.

6. WhatsDog

WhatsDog is yet another popular WhatsApp monitor app that allows you to check last seen on WhatsApp. The program offers calendar to flip between dates. So you may double-check previously saved information. 


Another option is available to view the current day’s activity. In terms of how to view hidden last seen on WhatsApp, this application allows you to track all or specific WhatsApp people on your phone without opening WhatsApp, which is a unique feature of this software.


  • You may see a list of all your WhatsApp contacts.
  • If someone’s last seen is concealed, you can see it on WhatsApp.
  • When the user you’ve chosen comes online, you’ll get a notification.

7. wLog Online

wLog Online can instantly check WhatsApp’s online status, and it’s intended for parents or spouses to monitor their children’s WhatsApp conversations. When they are online, you will receive immediate notifications and full reports.


This WhatsApp last online checker shows you how long your friends and family have been online. You can also monitor how frequently your partner gets online and checks their messages. It also offers thorough status activity analysis on a daily and monthly basis.


  • You can determine how much time someone spends on social media and WhatsApp.
  • It offers an online mode for your partner, children, and friends.
  • To examine internet activities, you can get unlimited statistics.
  • You can cancel your membership immediately.


These were some of the applications that you can use to know someone’s WhatsApp last seen status. You can use one of the apps from above and use it as you fit. There are many other apps in AppStore and PlayStore, and you can also try those not mentioned above. 

Likewise, these were some of the apps that would allow you to check last seen on WhatsApp, but these apps are third-party apps, so some might be harmful to your device. Be careful and go through the review section first before downloading, or you might be a victim of various spyware. You can’t be too cautious.

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