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Do you often get calls from unknown callers? When you get unknown calls, you might wonder who called you and try to see their profile. There are numerous lookup services to discover suspicious phone numbers.


You would probably be wondering who is calling you with a suspicious phone number that is not listed in your contacts. If you have got an anonymous call and really want to find the owner of a phone number– this post will make it super easy for you to identify the owners! So let’s get started.

Use online search engines to find the owner of a phone number

Use an online search engine from any web browser to search for the phone number or find the calls from an unknown number. If there are results, you will need to set up an account to see the full details to find the owner of a phone number.

Note: If there are no results, your phone line may be unlisted or unpublished, or it might just end in a different area code that does not match any one person.

Look for the phone number on Google to find the owner of a phone number 

If you’re looking for a free way to find the owner of a phone number, start with web searches like Google search. You can restrict it to a specified place before using this method to identify the owner of the phone number.

The area code is represented by the first three numbers in North America. Simply type the three digits into the search window, followed by the term area code, and click Enter.

The number will be slightly longer if you receive an international call, and the country code will range in length from one to three digits. Now that you know where the phone number originated, the next step is to register it into the Google search field and the geographical information. Then hit the Enter key.

Don’t get too worked up if no results appear. You can try some of the other ways listed below to find the owner of a phone number.

How to find the Owner of a Phone Number

Here are 9 top and effective ways to find the owner of a phone number. Have a look. 

1. Use Intelius or Spokeo

To find the owner of a phone number using Intelius or Spokeo, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go online and go to Intelius or Spokeo (similar), which both offer reverse phone number lookups directories.


These sites will allow us to search by phone number and turn up records about the owner of any phone numbers. But those services won’t include cell phone numbers unless they are landlines.

Step 2: If either of these services turns up a result, then you can do your own detective work by calling the phone company that serves that area and asking them to search the service order for any cell phones linked with that number. 

The phone company will want an approximate physical address to Search–you won’t be able to get it just with a phone number. 

You may also pay $15 or so for this information if you don’t have the patience (or time) to wait on hold for 45 minutes while someone looks through their old paper records, which is what most smaller telephone companies still keep. 

2. Use a site like RingBoost and Whitepages 

To find websites that list owners of landline phones, enter your phone number into RingBoost and Whitepages  search box’s upload tool. They will show you all publicly available information about the people named on each website, including names and addresses if available. 

Note: It is important to note that a website should not list the owner’s personal details without permission. 

If you find information that includes a person’s phone number, there may have been a mistake made by the site, or the information was meant to be publicly available online. 

Always verify your source(s) before you rely on any of their claims as fact.

3. Use free reverse phone lookup

Use a free reverse phone lookup, also called phone number lookup service such as NumberReview, to search for information by entering the phone number only – no area code or prefix is needed. 

This phone number lookup will bring up results from social networks and other websites where people have listed this number in public forums without realizing who might see it.

You can also use other various phone number lookup services if you are suspicious about a phone call.

4. Use Social media apps like Facebook 

Then there are tools where you can search Facebook accounts by phone number or email address to find people who have those contact details registered in their account. 


Try searching for ‘[email protected]’ or ‘tel:[phone number]’. If the person has been active on Facebook recently, it should bring up a result pretty quickly. 

But make sure you do not violate any terms of service because if you do so, you could get banned from using Facebook yourself!

5. Use WhoCallsMe

This is the perfect way to find out if you’re being called by a fraudster, telemarketing, or pollster who hasn’t asked for your permission. Just enter your phone number in the search field of WhoCallsMe and hit Search! WhoCallsMe is the best way to discover who calls you and why they’re calling. 


You can contribute your own notes about any caller, including reports from other users that may share similar concerns about their interactions with this person or organization!

6. Use Searchbug

When you need to find the location of a phone number in North America, this tool can quickly help. Just type it into Searchbug and wait for its data on that specific contact!


Now you’ll at least know where this number is located and what type of phone it may be.

Note: The more information they can get about you, the better. Searchbug will try to charge for this additional data, but if it’s available online, there isn’t any need to buy their service!

7. Use NumberVille

NumberVille is similar to Searchbug, but it works with international numbers as well. You can find information on current and past addresses associated with a phone number here; we suspect this data comes from Whitepages.


We also got the sense that it was more up-to-date than alternatives like ReversePhoneLookup and SpyDialer.

Note that NumberVille will log and publicly broadcast your IP address; therefore, if you want to remain anonymous, you should use a VPN.

8. Use NumLookup

NumLookup is based on direct relationships with global telecom carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. A real-time API call is made to determine the owner’s name when someone provides a phone number. 


This didn’t work for us with numbers from Canada, the United States, or Germany, but the service accurately recognized the location of the number.

NumLookup makes a public list of recent phone number searches available. While our phone numbers did not appear on the list, yours might.

9. Use SpyDialer (Only available in the United States)

SpyDialer will contact the phone number you provide to record voicemail or confirm that the line is active. This is the only organization that successfully identified the owner of the phone number we used in our tests.


SpyDialer had the proper name on record, although other services stated the information wasn’t available.


Finding out who owns the phone number is like finding a needle in a haystack! We hope that this article was helpful for you and now you have found the right way to find the owner of a phone number. You can find the owner of a phone number from unknown and suspicious phone numbers in this way.

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