How To Open Snaps Without Them Knowing | 2 Effective Tricks

Snapchat notifications are annoying, and you cannot do anything without the sender knowing about it. Is there a way by which you can open snaps without them knowing? Is it possible? Yes, there are some easy solutions for it. 

Snapchat, a photo and video sharing app, had 319 million daily active users worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2021, up from 306 million in the previous quarter.


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People tend to open snaps with them knowing (i.e., sender) when they pretend not to be active most of the time on Snapchat. Few of them want to view snaps of people with whom they are not on good terms but still want to get updates about them. And, few of them want to ignore further conversation after viewing snaps.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat app is a free messaging and social media mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It is used for connecting with friends and families by sharing short videos, aka “snaps,” and text messages. But the cool thing about it is all those shared contents are temporary, and they disappear as soon as they are viewed.

This very feature of making the shared contents available for a temporary amount of time changed how we communicate. Before Snapchat, we used to post our photos, videos, statuses, etc., on our wall, and they would remain there until we deleted them. Our friends would be able to like, react and comment on them.

Snapchat changed this trend, and it wanted to create a natural flow of interaction with the temporary nature of the contents. Many people are using Snapchat today, and research has shown that the bulk users of Snapchat are the Millennials and Gen-Zers. Now that we know about Snapchat, let’s look at how Snapchat works.

How does Snapchat work?

Snapchat is like any other messaging app; the only difference is that the shared content does not remain permanent, and it notifies the sender if you take screenshots on Snapchat. Its use is very straightforward. You open the app, add people you know then send them Snapchat messages, aka chats or snaps.

But there is a catch. Those chats and snaps you send or receive will send back a notification for every action on the sender’s phone. If you open it, take a screenshot on Snapchat, read it or view it, the sender will be notified.  

The notification system makes Snapchat popular as well as annoying. For example, once you receive a person’s snaps or chats and you open them, they know you opened them. You are also supposed to reply by social convention, but what if you don’t want to answer. 

They already know you opened it and will expect one from you. If you don’t send any, they will think you are not interested, and you are mean, bla bla. To counter all this social awkwardness, there are some Snapchat hacks you can use to open snaps without them knowing. 

Further, you might want to monitor your child’s snapchat to see who they communicate with and send or receive snaps. 

How to Open Snaps Without them Knowing

This article will talk about 2 Snapchat hacks that you can use to open snaps without them knowing.

1. Opening Snapchat messages 

Snapchat sends notifications when you open a chat fully. But you can slide chat only 3/4th of the screen and then read the contents inside. This is like peeking through a keyhole. 

It helps when you are not in the mood to reply or want some time to come up with a reply, and it is easy to do as well. But this method is only applicable to view chat messages, not snaps. It is also called a half-opened snap. You can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application, and go to the Chat sections by swiping right from the camera view.

Step 2: Look for a new chat label below your friends name, then pull the chat to the right by touching your friends Profile icon and dragging it to peek inside the person’s snap message. (Do not lift your finger, it will open the chat fully and send the notification).


Step 3: As soon as you see part of the message, gradually pull the chat without lifting your fingers to view the entire message. Don’t let the chat edge touch the screen’s right edge.

Once you are done with reading partially readable chat, slowly swipe the panel to the left from where you pulled it. Remember, do not lift your finger throughout the process. This is not a feature of Snapchat, but you can use it as long as it’s there.

2. Opening Snapchat Snaps using Airplane mode and Clearing Cache

Since snaps are inside a chat bubble in a square icon, the above method is not applicable to open snaps secretly. You can use the following method to open snaps secretly.

Another way of opening the snap without them knowing is by opening the snap under Airplane mode. Enabling the Airplane mode disconnects your device from Wi-Fi, Data Connection, and Bluetooth. When you receive a new snap or chat, turn on Airplane mode and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat app and go to the chat section. Do not open the snap right away; let it fully load and show the new chat or snap label. 

Step 2: Slide down the notification panel and tap on the Airplane mode icon for Android phones. If it is an iOS device, pull the Access Control Center from the bottom of the screen and tap the Airplane mode icon.


Step 3: Open the Snapchat and view the snap you wish to see.

Step 4: Once you view the snap, close the chat, tap on your Profile icon on the top left of the screen, open the Settings, scroll until you see the “Clear cache” section, tap it and confirm the prompt.


Step 5: You can turn off the Airplane mode.

You can also try restarting the app or switching off and on your device. Unfortunately, opening snap using Airplane mode and clearing your cache is not as effective as the previous one. The sender will be notified anyway, and it only delays the notification but cannot fool Snapchat.

Can Third-Party Apps Open a Snap Without Them Knowing?

There are no third-party apps that can do this. Some sketchy apps claim they can open snaps or read Snapchat messages without them knowing, but they cannot. You might even have come across some other articles where they say some of them can do it. 

They are the parental control apps to monitor their kids’ Snapchat conversations, not view a snap secretly. You should be skeptical of apps that ask for credentials, even if they claim to be capable of opening snaps secretly. There is no way a third-party software can open snaps without them knowing. 

The most you can do is track a target device and monitor your own kids’ online activity. Read their chat messages and trace locations. Even if you open snaps through these apps, your kid will know it was you who read the messages.


Do you find the tricks on “how to open snaps without them knowing” informative? The first Snapchat hack works fine, but the other with the Airplane mode trick does not so much. It only delays the notification. 

I tried using the second hack to screenshot on Snapchat while offline. But as soon as I was online, the other person received a notification. Clearing cache and reinstalling Snapchat did not help either.

You might think using a third-party app would help read Snapchat messages, but that too is far-fetched. They are parental control and monitoring apps, and they monitor the conversation, not open snaps secretly.

These monitoring apps can only spy on the target device, and spying and opening snaps secretly are two different things. All in all, you cannot fool the Snapchat AI and bend the rules. Those features make Snapchat different from other messaging apps, and you cannot go around it. 



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