How To Read My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing

WhatsApp is used for communication, sharing a lot of information, and reading other people’s WhatsApp conversations can reveal certain secrets. If you’re worried about “how to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing”, there are several options, but only a few have been proven effective.


On the other hand, while still a relatively young phenomenon, WhatsApp has caused a slew of challenges, including trust issues. The specifics of “How To Read My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing“ can be accomplished are discussed below. Please keep in mind that these methods apply to everyone.

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Is it possible to view your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing?

Yes, reading someone else’s WhatsApp chats is possible and quite convenient. However, certain approaches are more effective than others, which is why we will examine each one separately. 

Strategies to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing

The following are some of the strategies we shall examine in this article: 

  •  Using Couple Trackers  

The most reliable method of spying on WhatsApp is using double trackers. All you have to do now is install it on the target phone and follow the setup instructions.

  • Using WhatsApp Web

The WhatsApp Web is a web-based version of WhatsApp that lets users see and respond to messages from their computers. 

  • Using WhatsApp backup 

Messages are frequently backed up manually or automatically in WhatsApp. You may also use this tool to read the texts of your girlfriends.

  •  Using MAC Spoofing

It is a technique for secretly monitoring someone’s WhatsApp interactions. The MAC address, your phone, and the target device are all required.  

5 Best Ways To Read My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing

WhatsApp message reader is the best and most reliable way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp chats. You can use a couple of tracking spy apps like Cocospy and mSpy that have proven ways to read WhatsApp messages without the user’s knowledge. See the below 5 ways to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing.   

1. Cocospy                                              

Cocospy can be used as a WhatsApp message reader tool to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages secretly. The fact that Cocospy includes specific WhatsApp spying tools makes it so great.

You may, however, use these top phone applications to snoop on much more than her WhatsApp. We also have an in-depth Cocospy review to help you choose among the best spy apps in the market.

Cheaters frequently communicate through other social media platforms, so employing this WhatsApp surveillance tool will give you complete control.  


Cocospy is so appealing because it is completely beginner-friendly, and the setup process takes only a few minutes.  

To read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp conversations without her knowing, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Cocospy account with your email address and subscribe to a plan.

Step 2: Install Cocospy on the target phone by downloading it. 

Step 3: Start reading WhatsApp messages from your Cocospy control panel- social apps- WhatsApp.


 The following are some major features: 

  • Location tracking for SIM cards;
  • Monitoring of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Viber;
  • Spying on WhatsApp calls;
  • SMS message reading.  

Pros & Cons:                                    

  • A large number of advanced features
  • There is no need to root (Android) or jailbreak (iOS).
  • It is a paid service.
  • Physical access to the device is required.  

2. mSpy 

It will be difficult to find a better spy program for reading your girlfriend’s WhatsApp chats than mSpy. This program is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and feature-rich spying service that lets you monitor all of your girlfriend’s online activity, including WhatsApp chats, photographs, media, and conversation history.

Here is an in-depth review of mSpy to help you choose among the best spy apps in the market.

Remember that mSpy is capable of more than just reading WhatsApp messages. It’s a complete cell phone monitoring solution that can collect all of the data and information on the phone. The following are the main characteristics of mSpy.

To use mSpy to hack WhatsApp, follow the given steps:  

Step 1: Visit mSpy and purchase your preferred application package.  

Step 2: You’ll receive a confirmation email from the software and login information.


Step 3: Watch the mSpy Demo and learn how to use the program. 

Step 4: Then, on the target device, install the program, which you may access from 

   your control panel.

Step 5: View messages and chat history on WhatsApp.   

Step 6: Without the target’s knowledge, use the keylogging tool to watch their

     WhatsApp account.


 The following are some major features: 

  • Updates are performed automatically.    
  • Keylogger.   
  • Screenshots.
  • User Interaction.
  • Applications Installed + Usage        
  • Tracker for copy/paste.    
  • Search by keyword.
  • Email and chat support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Compatible with jailbroken Android and iPhone devices
  • Monitors all internet activities, such as website visits and app usage.
  • Subscription plans and levels vary.   
  • There are numerous customer service solutions available.


  • The software can be found and deleted by older children.
  • All plans do not include all features.
  • Extra assistance necessitates more costs.
  • Only three devices can be tracked.       

3. Use WhatsApp Web 

WhatsApp online might be a convenient and quick way to view your girlfriend’s text messages on your computer.

Only a computer and your girlfriend’s target phone are required and here’s how to monitor WhatsApp messages :   

 Step 1: Go to WhatsApp Web in your web browser.


Step 2: A QR code will be presented to you. Open the WhatsApp app on the target 


Step 3: In the top right corner, open the three-dot menu.

Step 4: Choose WhatsApp Web.      

Step 5: The camera application will be launched on the target device. Scan the QR code on your computer screen. The target device of your girlfriend is now connected to your PC.         

Pros & Cons:

  • It’s completely free.
  • The web version is simple to use.
  • Physical access to the target phone device is required.    
  • The WhatsApp Web is currently active, and your girlfriend will receive a notification.

4. Using Google Backup  

Is it possible for someone to see my WhatsApp messages from another phone? Yes, it is correct. You may not know this method, but you can acquire access to your girlfriend’s WhatsApp communications by using her backup files.   

Using Google Backup you can know How To Read My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing in easy steps.   

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on the target device of your significant other.

Step 2: To access settings, click the three dots menu in the top right corner of the software.

Step 3: Select Settings – Chats- Chat Backup.  

Step 4: Choose the account of your significant other.     

Step 5: If the account has never been linked before, click Add Account and Allow.

Step 6: To manually back up everything on your phone, press the Backup button.

Pros & Cons: 

  • It’s completely free.  
  • Google backup is user-friendly.    
  • Physical access to the device is required.   
  • It will take some time to finish. 

5. Using Mac Spoofing 

One of the manual methods for hacking someone’s WhatsApp is Mac Spoofing and we’ll show you how to do it shortly. The manufacturer assigns every phone a unique ID, and it is also known as the device’s MAC address, and consists of letters and integers.          

This address can be used to make a clone of the target’s smartphone and access their WhatsApp chats. Mac spoofing method only requires your phone and the victim’s phone.       

We must first obtain the MAC address of the target device:      

Step 1: Home Screen > Settings > About Phone > Status > Android and copy the mac address.


Then follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Using programs like BusyBox for Android or WiFiSpoof for iPhones, replace

  your phone’s MAC address with the victim’s.    

Step 2: Reinstall the WhatsApp application on your phone.     

Step 3: Select to get the activation code via SMS and keep in mind that the victim will receive this code, so keep your phone nearby.

Step 4: Note the code and then delete the message.       

Step 5: Replace the MAC address with the original.

Pros & Cons: 

  • It’s completely free.
  • Messages can be read in real-time.
  • It rarely works.
  • Mac spoofing takes a long time.     
  • It necessitates either rooting (Android) or jailbreaking (iOS) 


If you’re a worried lover who wants to know how to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp conversations without her knowing, you can use the spy apps as mentioned above. They give a wonderful cell phone monitoring experience by combining the finest performance, features, and pricing.      

The methods suggested in this article like using WhatsApp Web and Mac Spoofing are very useful to know “How To Read My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages Without Her Knowing”.  

Make sure you don’t use this content for anything other than instructional purposes and if you enjoyed it, please feel free to share it with your friends.


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