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Have you tried to track a SIM card yourself, like in movies? Is it that easy? Is it possible? The answer is yes; it is achievable. You will need special software to track your SIM card. Tracking a SIM card means tracking a cell phone without which a SIM card cannot function.     


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Before getting into how to track a SIM card, let’s first learn what a SIM card is. 

What is a SIM Card?

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module or Subscriber Identification Module. It is an Integrated Circuit (IC) designed to store International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and its associated key, identifying and authenticating subscribers on mobile telephony devices.

Furthermore, a SIM card is a small electronic chip inserted into a cell phone to connect to a network. When a SIM card is placed and activated in a cell phone, the cell phone can be tracked. You can track your SIM card in various situations, like locating someone or getting your phone lost or stolen.

Let’s dig into how to track a SIM card.

How to Track a SIM Card?

There are a few options to do this, and I have listed 2 ways to track a SIM card. You can look at them and use one that best fits your feasibility.

1. Tracking SIM card with Mobile Network Provider

Mobile Network Providers are the carrier services providers. You can use the phone’s SIM number to track down a lost or stolen phone, and you only need to contact your mobile network provider. Let’s have a look at the prerequisites and procedures for tracking.


  • First, a SIM card must be inserted into the device.
  • The SIM cards must also be located inside a network coverage area.
  • Finally, to track a phone, it must be turned on.
  • You must know the cell phone’s IMEI number.

Steps to track a SIM Card with Mobile Network Provider

Step 1: Make a phone call.

This allows the network provider to trace the device’s last known position.

Step 2: Look for the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number).

A unique number is assigned to each device connected to the GSM network. Your network provider also uses this number to prohibit third-party connections to the same network.

(You might also want to check how to track IMEI number)

Step 3: Contact your network service provider.

Now is the time to provide them with your account information. Inquire about the SIM card number associated with your IMEI and mobile phone number.

Step 4: Finally, locate your SIM card, lost or stolen.

You must now request their assistance. Ask the network provider to track the new SIM card using the IMEI number of your phone if they can identify the signal of the old SIM card.

In addition to this, you still have one more task to complete. If your device is stolen, you can contact your network operator to lock your SIM card. They will immediately disable your phone, preventing the thief from sending any communication signals, and they may even send a notification to the stolen device.


Unfortunately, this isn’t an entirely foolproof method. You’ll have to wait for your network provider to cooperate, and they may take a long time to react or disregard your request.

2. Tracking SIM cards using Parental Control Software

This is another method to track a SIM card. There are various SIM tracker applications available, and they are parental control and monitoring software that also tracks SIM cards. These SIM tracker applications can also keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

Let’s have a look at some parental control applications.

i. mSpy

mSpy is the most powerful and most wanted SIM tracker out there. This tracker program comes with great capabilities and a user-friendly control panel, and it was created for Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. It is a well-known parental control program that has everything you need.


Besides, keylogger, screen recorder, and text message tracker are other features. With the app’s text message tracker, you can see every sent, received, and deleted text on the target smartphone, including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. 


  • Call and SMS tracking and recording for future reference.
  • It can also track other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, etc.
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your phone to use mSpy.
  • It offers stealth mode, so your target will not know they are being tracked.
  • This app’s SIM card location monitoring is accurate and excellent with real-time location information.

ii. Hoverwatch

Another SIM tracker program for Windows, Mac, and Android that is incredibly basic and straightforward to use is Hoverwatch. Stealth mode lets you follow the target device while remaining fully undetectable.


However, though this SIM tracker app was originally designed for parental control. It has evolved into an app with numerous features, including Whatsapp tracking, website history monitoring, camera/photos/videos file monitoring, location tracking, and monitoring activities on all social media accounts.


  • It offers calls and SMS tracking and recording features for future reference.
  • Email tracking feature.
  • The app has stealth mode to spy on the target device without them knowing.
  • Hoverwatch has Geo-location tracking capability to know the location of the target smartphone SIM card.
  • The screenshot feature takes screenshots of every activity of the target device and saves them in cloud storage.
  • It has ‘Detect SIM card Change’ option that will notify you immediately if they change the SIM card on the target smartphone or tablet.

iii. Spyic

In addition, Spyic is a SIM card tracking program created for the iOS and Android operating systems. It has fantastic functionality for SIM tracking and all areas of parental control and remote monitoring of target device or smartphone activities.


Likewise, it monitors all SIM card-related activity on the target smartphone, including SMS and MMS, via the message monitoring tool and all saved contacts and phone numbers. Also, it can also preserve the IMEI information to track your lost or stolen phone.


  • It can track a SIM card location with GPS and gives the real-time location of the target device depending on the network provider service.
  • The app can track Internet surfing activities by filtering inappropriate and age-restricted content showing websites. 

(You can also check out how you can block inappropriate websites on phone)

  • With its message monitoring feature, you can keep an eye on all the incoming and outgoing messages from the target device.
  • It can spy on all the camera photographs and discussions on any social media site. 
  • Stealth mode allows you to spy on them while staying completely invisible.
  • It can also spy on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

iv. Spyzie

Similarly, Spyzie is another popular SIM tracker for the iOS and Android platforms. Spyzie, like all other SIM trackers, has all of the essential capabilities that a SIM tracker should have, but some of its characteristics stand out, which we will explore first.


Likewise, the Timeline is the most useful feature of this SIM tracker. This feature allows you to see all of the activities occurring on the target device in a single glance because it displays them in a well-defined timeline.


  • It alerts you when the targeted phone physically or virtually exploits the set restrictions or any other activity that could be used to exploit a vulnerability.
  • The keylogger feature records all of the target device’s input or keystrokes. 
  • Similarly, it has text messages tracking, call logs monitoring, browser history monitoring, and other social media platform monitoring features.
  • GPS location tracking and geo-fencing feature.


The app XNSPY makes SIM card location monitoring simple without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. Users can track call records, track and read any email conversations on the device, track internet usage, track website search history, track social media activity, and more.


In addition, both Android and iOS users can use XNSPY to track a SIM card location and monitor other mobile phone activities. It also provides parental control, child protection, and basic cell phone activity.


  • It provides features like geo-fencing.
  • The app can track calls, text messages, emails, etc.
  • Monitor internet usage, blocking inappropriate and age-restricted contents, screen time tracking, etc.
  • It also features social platform screen recording.
  • Remote device management.
  • Instant alerts for the use of certain keywords.


These are the two ways you can track a SIM card. The first one is a bit complicated, and it requires help from your network provider. And the chances of you tracking your SIM card depend on the willingness of the network provider to cooperate with you.

The second option can be more feasible because you can do it all on your own. Using those parental control software is much easier, and tracking a SIM card does not depend on anyone. They are reliable and easy to operate. 

Overall, I have only mentioned 5 applications, but there are many. These are, however, the best among them. Try them out and use one that best fits your requirement. 

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