How To Track an iPhone Location Using Phone Number?

Are you curious about how to track an iPhone location through a phone number, if your iPhone has been stolen, or you need to locate someone else’s device? Either you need to check on your kid’s devices, a family member’s mobile device, or your employee’s mobile devices? If that’s the case, in this article, we’ll look at approaches about how to track an iPhone location by phone number.

You can do this for free in certain cases, but you’ll have access to several other extra features if you download third-party tracking software. Continue reading to find out more about how to track an iPhone location by phone number.

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How to Track iPhone Using iCloud?

If you and your family all use Apple products, the simplest way to monitor an iPhone without using an app is to log into your iCloud account. You can easily add your kid’s iPhones or any other person’s device you want to monitor to your Apple ID. It allows you to locate your kid’s or employee’s smartphone using the “Find My iPhone” app.

With this feature, they won’t sign out without your password, which prevents them from making their accounts and alerts you to their location. You can do it on your Mac, iPad, or iPod in just a few steps, which are explained here.

Step 1: Open your iCloud account and sign in

Step 2: Click the “Find My iPhone” icon when you see your dashboard on the screen.

Step 3: To access it, go to the “My Devices” option. Choose the one you’re looking for.

Step 4: On the interactive map, you’ll be able to see the exact location of your iPhone right now.

How to Track iPhone Using Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is a free cell phone tracker that is built-in to the most recent versions of iOS. Rather than tracking your iPhone’s location, it’s a superb way to interact with family and friends. This software does not need to be downloaded. 

To track iPhone location, you need to have access and wait for a few minutes to enable this app by altering settings and sharing their location with your iPhone without their knowing. After that, accept the invitation they offer you on your device but do not share your website with them.

How to Track an iPhone Location Online Using Phone Number

There are several ways to trace a stolen phone without notifying the police or the authorities. You can track your iPhone location by phone number online, and an online tracker service can let you find out where your iPhone is in real-time. There are numerous free online iPhone trackers available, and we will see a few of them in this article.

Using GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS Cell Phone Locator is a free internet phone tracker that works with mobile phone numbers. It is very efficient and safe to use, allowing you to track down your missing iPhone anywhere in the world. This cell phone tracker is very convenient as you don’t have to install it on any device to track your iPhone location. 

You need to simply type your phone number into the text field and choose “search phone number” from the drop-down menu. You can quickly locate your iPhone with only one click.

Free Phone Tracer

The Free Phone Tracer is another option for tracking an iPhone by phone number online for free. Due to its location service, we can easily track the location history of our lost phones. When you enter your lost mobile phone number, it will conduct a free location search and give you the exact location of your iPhone. 

The website is safe to use due to McAfee’s security technology. It is very simple yet effective to track iPhone location and track both landlines and mobile phones. But if you want more information such as email, photos, records, etc., you need to pay for such services. 

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Online GPS Phone Tracker is a free and popular phone tracking method that allows you to track your phone using GPS. Online GPS Phone Tracker is quite simple and convenient to use and provides you access to location and messages, usernames, and other things. 

To start tracking your iPhone location, you don’t need to download and install any third-party apps. This website allows anyone to track an iPhone’s location from anywhere in the world. You need to choose the country from the drop-down menu, enter your lost mobile phone number, and click the search now button.


Spokeo is a digital public record directory that allows you to track an iPhone device simply by knowing its phone number. To track an iPhone’s location, you need to type the phone number to be traced into the ‘Spokeo’ search window. It searches in a database of public directories. Then, to receive the result in your inbox, enter your details.

Using Spokeo, you can determine whether a phone number is from a spammer or a legitimate individual. You can also identify spam numbers, which you can then block to avoid receiving unwanted calls.

How to Track iPhone Location Installing a Third-Party App?

Cell Phone Tracking application comes in handy when you are unable to locate your lost iPhone. This program not only allows you to track down someone’s iPhone, but it also provides you with detailed information on all of the places they’ve visited recently. 

Many businesses have installed mobile phone trackers on their employees’ phones to ensure they remain on track on business trips. On the other hand, many people employ cell phone trackers to determine where their spouse goes and who they meet. Here we have explained a few phone tracker apps.

Use an iMap To Track iPhone Location

You can download and install iMap from the App Store. It will assist you in tracking your iPhone location. The following are some of the features of the iMap app for tracking an iPhone’s location:

  • The iPhone tracker feature tracks the phone’s location in real-time without the target’s knowledge.
  • Without the target user’s knowledge, the iPhone’s location and address history can be traced using iMapp.
  • You may find out about a target device’s current geolocation and location history using the iMapp app.
  • You may track an iPhone using the iMapp app and communicate the coordinates of the chosen real-time location.
  • You can add your locations to the map. You can also receive notifications on your computer or phone when your friends enter or exit the zones that you have designed.

Use mSpy to Track iPhone Location


The Find My Phone tool is useful when you need to locate another person’s smartphone right now. However, if you want a thorough view of their activities, this is insufficient and mSpy works best.

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If you want to track an iPhone using its phone number, you should first install monitoring software on the target iPhone. mSpy parental control app allows you to remotely track another person’s locations from your smartphone.

You can also use geofencing to receive notifications when the target person leaves or enters a restricted area. You can keep track of the following things:

  • Contacts and call logs.
  • Text messages of any kind, including iMessages.
  • It allows you to track visited URLs, saved browser history, and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Calendar and events that have been scheduled.
  • Apps and social media chats that have been installed.
  • Photos and videos are included.
  • Strokes on the keyboard and words typed.

Use FamiSafe to Track iPhone Location

FamiSafe Parental Control App
FamiSafe Parental Control

It is another way to find iPhone locations online. FamiSafe is one of the best parental control applications to choose from. It provides you with the exact location of the target phone in real-time. Firstly you need to download the FamiSafe Parental Control App and install it. Then log into your FamiSafe account on the parental app the click on the Real-Time Location button. Now it will give you the exact GPS location of the target device.

It also allows you to view the location history of the target device. You can also set a geofence to get notified whenever the target device leaves or enters the set area. FamiSafe offers location tracking and provides numerous features that ensure your kids are safe from possible dangers.

Use Spyine to Track iPhone Location

Spyine is one of the easiest and most popular phone tracking tools. It is very easy to install the Spyine iPhone tracking app and offers numerous features. Then Sign up for the account, and you need to choose the subscription plan according to your needs.

You will then receive setup instructions over email, and it takes about five minutes for the installation process. You need to enter the target device’s iCloud credentials in the Setup Wizard, which syncs with the device. You will see the Spyine dashboard and click on the ‘Location’ and start tracking the device.


It’s simple to track an iPhone if you have the correct tool. The Find My iPhone app can assist you if you require rapid access to the target person’s iCloud. Whereas, if you want to access another person’s online activities at any time, directly from your smartphone, you can use tracking tool applications. Whichever approach you adopt is entirely up to you. Make sure it can provide you with the information you require in the quickest amount of time.

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