How to View Someone’s Browsing History?

Read this blog to learn the different ways you can view someone’s browsing history.

browsing historyThe Internet is a wonderful place and has become a crucial aspect of modern life. It provides various information and communication facilities to people worldwide, but, unfortunately, not all information is useful. Children are prone to violent and indecent content as some websites include inappropriate and offensive material. Some websites also steal your personal and private information by misleading you. So it’s crucial to protect your child’s online safety.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your child isn’t abusing the Internet. Similarly, if you’re an employer, you could be curious about what your employees do while using the company’s phone to access the Internet. 

Hence, you need to learn how to trace your child’s or your employees browsing history without them knowing. You need to monitor their search histories. There are two ways to track someone else’s search and browsing history. Continue reading to learn more about these two methods.

Method 1: Keep Track Of Browsing History By Having Access To The Phone

We all know this method as it allows you to monitor what your child is doing online efficiently. In short, it allows you to view someone’s internet history. Accessing someone’s smartphone, opening the browser, and seeing what they’re up to is an easy approach to trace their search and browsing history. This method is accessible on PC, Android, iOS devices. 

How to Track Browsing History on Chrome?

Step 1: Open Chrome on your smartphone, go to the menu Select ‘History’ from the three dots in the top right corner. It will discover a list of all browser histories.

Step 2: Select a time and delete the data of Browsing history, Cookies, and site data, as well as Cached images and files, by tapping on Clear browsing data. You can also clear the data of Saved passwords and Autofill form data by tapping on ADVANCED.

How to Track Browsing History on Safari?

  1. The first thing is to open Safari and then go to the bottom of the screen to the bookmark icon.
  2. After that, to retrieve browsing history, you need to tap the History option located in the third icon on the top of the bar.
  3. To delete your internet search histories, you can go to Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website Data.

Different web browsers have different options available to protect their users’ privacy. They also have a private browsing option that allows users to surf whatever they want without being tracked by others in incognito mode. The private browsing mode helps people to keep their browsing private. You won’t be able to locate anything in their history because it isn’t being logged. 

The major issue in this method is that the user may delete the history even if they are not using a private browser. To keep track of someone’s browsing history, you can use a monitoring system in those situations. It is the best option to track someone else’s internet browsing history.

Method 2: To Monitor The Internet Browsing History Using Monitoring Apps

The above alternatives can be simple to utilize and are free of charge. However, accessing the target device to examine another user’s browser history daily is tricky. The more times you try to gain access to the target device, you are more likely to get noticed by your kids, partner, or employee.

So, to track someone’s browsing history, the best option is to use browser history trackers. Here are some top monitoring apps to monitor your kids, partners, or employee’s browser history giving you peace of mind. They’re easy to find on the Play Store and App Store. They are easy to install on both Android and iOS devices.

The best feature about utilizing monitoring software is that you will only need to physically access the target device once to install it. After that, you’ll be able to keep track of all remote activity.

1. XNSPY Monitoring App

xnspy monitoring app

The first method is to use Xnspy to track someone’s browser history on their phone. It is incredibly reliable for keeping track of someone’s internet search histories without having to touch their phone. It also allows monitoring the target person’s browsing history in real-time. 

The features of the XNSPY Monitoring App are as follows:

  • Read all of your iMessage conversations, both sent and received.
  • It gives notification to specific callers, which protects your children from being targeted by predators or bullies.
  • It examines all sent and received text messages along with the date, time, and contact information.
  • Gain access to incoming calls, outgoing calls, and missed calls with each call’s date, time, and duration.

Even if the individual deletes their browsing history, Xnspy will still allow you to watch it as long as a backup is created. Since you don’t need to access the target device and know how a person spends time on the Internet, Xnspy is an effective technique for monitoring someone’s search and browsing history.

2. mSpy Monitoring App


The next best option for monitoring your child’s browser history is to use mSpy. The mSpy app allows you to view what pages your children have recently visited, and you can also block harmful websites and apps. Furthermore, the software can track every keystroke on a target device and alert you if your youngster types in illegal words or phrases.

The mSpy App offers a wide range of monitoring options, including:

  • Real-time location of a target individual
  • Viewing files that have been transmitted and received
  • Calls and chats are being monitored.
  • Creating a map with restricted areas
  • Unwanted apps, calls, and contacts are blocked.
  • Bookmarks are displayed.
  • Examining the calendar of events

It requires a few minutes and costs less than a dollar per day. You can also receive notifications anytime harmful actions occur on the device. mSpy supports both Android and iOS smartphones. It is the greatest spyware program since it has round-the-clock support and great features.

3. iKeyMonitor


iKeyMonitor is a parental control app with a lot of features. This App allows you to keep track of your child’s activity on their phone and computer. This tool allows you to monitor their SMS, location, and several social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat and track their keystrokes and online browsing history.

Some of the key features of the iKeyMonitor App are as follows:

  • Retrieves messaging history and transfers it to a user’s control panel.
  • Monitors all calls and chats of every social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc.
  • It uses GPS to track a person’s whereabouts to keep your youngster secure.
  • Keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Set schedules to limit screen time and restrict apps according to a timetable.
  • It keeps records of all voice messages sent and received and saves them in your user panel. You can hear them whenever you want.

You can also examine the time and date stamps and the number of times visited a given URL was. iKeyMonitor is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It also remotely captures and transmits screenshots from another person’s phone to your user panel. If you set it up correctly, the app can take screenshots at regular intervals.

What Are the Perks of Monitoring Another User’s Private Browser History?

Adults can tell the difference between appropriate and inappropriate content on the Internet. Many parents are worried if their children visit inappropriate websites such as porn, violence, drugs, etc. Children find it difficult to distinguish between good and bad content. It is crucial to address the situation, keep track of their private web history and avoid anything negative.

If you’re a business owner, it’s essential to keep track of your employee’s internet browsing history. It is necessary to track their browser history because they might waste their time viewing inappropriate content and focusing less on their actual work. Hence, Monitoring programs allow you to limit the amount of time you waste on non-productive tasks. The monitoring software allows you to monitor your kids, partner, or your employee’s online activity


Everybody has reasons for tracking someone’s browser history, be it a concerned parent, spouse, or employer. Parents are often more worried about their children’s online activities since they usually disguise them. So by watching what they do, you can keep track of them. Similarly, in relationships, if your partner spends long hours on their smartphones, you want to know what they are looking for. The boss may wish to monitor what employees do during working hours to ensure they are not doing anything unrelated to their job. Hence, you need monitoring software to spy on someone’s internet search history.

The monitoring application remotely records a child’s browser history and sends it to your smartphone. So you can either choose to view their browsing history by simply accessing their phones or installing the monitoring software. You can opt for any method, but the best option is to use the third-party monitoring app as you need to access the target device only once to install it. Using another method, you need to access the target device multiple times to track the browser history.

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