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Net Nanny Parental Control App
Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control app that helps parents to monitor their digital device activities. It ensures that your child is protected from the danger of mobile devices and the internet. The main motive of the parental control software is to provide security options for the family. 

Net Nanny is an award-winning parental control software and also one of the best parental control apps in the market. This parental control app works across all devices like Pcs, Android, and iOS. It provides the best filtering features because it uses artificial intelligence to block all inappropriate content or apps. Net Nanny offers all the features to block any mature content and to monitor child device activities.

Net Nanny: Features

Each parental control app has its unique features. Net Nanny also has a unique feature to monitor kid’s device activities. This monitoring app can be accessed either from the smartphone app or on a PC, or from the Mac. You can block any adult content, games and limit their device activities by screen time. With just one button, pause your kids’ mobile phone activities. Some of the amazing features of Net Nanny are:

Screen Time Management 

Net Nanny allows you to check how much time your kids use any particular apps. You can also restrict your kids from overusing the devices. Also, the app allows you to set a timer for how long your child can use digital devices. You can even turn off the internet if your kids are having dinner or oversing the smartphones. 

Similarly, if your kids use mobile devices even at bedtime, then the screen time feature will set the timer and lock the device with just one button, and your kids can’t access their digital devices. When the timer is off, it provides you a notification on your device from where you can pause the device activities. 

Furthermore, compared to other parental control apps, this pause button screen time is a unique feature provided by the net Nanny. With just one pause button, you can restrict your kid’s device activities. It even allows you to create the scheduled time for the kid’s device. 

Internet Filtering

Net Nanny helps to monitor kids’ internet activities and can block adult content on the web. The web content of your child’s views can be filtered in advance online. This role can be performed in various ways. Several separate types of filters are available. Based on your decisions, your child will see age-appropriate content. You can filter any particular website which is inappropriate for your child. 

Net Nanny provides three different functions for internet web filtering: Allow, Alert, and Block. Firstly, the “Allow” function determines as the sites are safe for kids and allow kids to access the websites. 

Then “Alert” function doesn’t block any sites. This is the function where you will receive the alert notification if your kids try to view mature content and record all the internet activities. The “Block” function restricts your kids from viewing any explicit content.

Block Inappropriate Content and Apps

Net Nanny allows blocking any inappropriate content and apps. On all iOS and Android platforms, Net Nanny supports smartphone blocking. You can block Android as well as iOS applications from a list by using a pop-up window. The Internet filtering will scan all the websites in real-time and give a detailed report of the history. 

Likewise, you will get the complete list of the apps on your kid’s digital device, and use this feature to block their apps. It allows you to check all the installed apps on your kid’s digital devices.

The app will send you an alert notification if your kids are trying to install the new apps. If you find any harmful content and apps, you can block them remotely. 

The unique function of this feature is its artificial intelligence to block any inappropriate content and apps compared to other parental control apps. The AI is capable of identifying such keywords from the websites and can also determine the meaning of that word concerning the content of the site.

Track Location 

Net Nanny allows parents to track their kid’s device location in real-time. It will give you every update of your kid’s location. This feature provides Geofencing functions that allow you to track your child’s departure or entrance into a geographic area.

Also, you can see where your child is by mapping their history position with Net Nanny’s location tracking tool. If your kid’s device is lost, you can find the mobile phones by tracking their previous location history.  

Alert and Reporting 

Net Nanny provides every alert and report of your child’s device activities. It delivers the ultimate report for something your child does online. If your kids are trying to use blocked websites, overusing social media, Net Nanny will send you an alert. You will be notified if your kids try to access a blocked website. 

Since the whole Net Nanny admin console is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere and view the reporting log. You will get detailed reports of every activity that your kids do on mobile phones. It even allows you to set the reporting settings whether you want daily, weekly or monthly reporting. Also, the app helps to protect your kids from online predators or cybercriminals. 

Net Nanny: Family Feed

As a parent, it is impossible to know how the children spend time online, with various games, blogs, and other internet resources. The challenge to keep your children in contact with each other is becoming more complex, and parents need an easy-to-use, reliable and confident solution. Net nanny “family feed” is a reliable solution for monitoring your kid’s digital activities. 

Family Feed is a unique feature of the net Nanny. You can monitor each child’s digital screen and online activity in real-time and with a quick summary of all digital activities of your family. With this feature view kids’ internet searches, app downloads, use of applications, flagged web content. Net Nanny experts will also provide you with guidance on how to deal with different topics with your children.

You can use this feature on laptops, computers, or any smartphones. Through the net nanny dashboard, you can check your kid’s activities, and access them from anywhere, no matter where you are. These are the following monitoring activities you can do with a family feed. 

  • Alert Notification 

Family Feed provides an instant alert on your app dashboard. If your kids are trying to access explicit websites, you will receive an instant alert. The app will send you notifications for the system like app use, screen time limits, installed or deleted the app, etc. 

  • Block Apps 

It provides blocking features to block all inappropriate websites and apps. You can check the apps and websites your kids use the most. If they are using excessively, you can block their apps. 

  • Detailed Reporting 

Get a detailed summary report of your kid’s device activities through the Family Feed feature. 

  • Geofencing Alert 

Family Feed allows parents to track their kid’s location and provides an instant alert if he/she is in danger. 

  • Remote Monitoring 

You can monitor your child’s activities from any digital device. It can be from computers, laptops, Android phones, iOS phones. You can access your kid’s device from anywhere. 

  • Youtube Monitoring 

Family Feed allows parents to monitor their Youtube account. You can check the viewed video history, search history, and enable the restriction mode. 

Net Nanny: Pricing 

The starting price of Net Nanny is $39.99/year. It will only allow you to monitor on one device. You can only use it on macOS or windows. Another starting price is $54.99/year. This subscription plan is providing a limited 30% off offer

You can protect 11 devices, and it works across all device platforms with a family protection pass. It also has the best value offer, and the starting price is $89.99/year. You can also monitor and protect 20 devices and work on all device platforms with a family protection pass. It is a wholly paid app and has no free subscription plan, and no trial version is available. 

Net Nanny is comparatively cheaper as compared to Bark.’ starting price is $49, and the premium plan price is $99.

However, 5 device basic plan is $29.15, and the 5 devices premium plan is $41.65. Compared to this subscription plan, Net Nanny is expensive.

Plans Price
For 1 device It costs $39.99 per year.
For 5 devices It costs $54.99 per year.
For 20 devices It costs $89.99 per year.

Net Nanny: Installation 

Firstly, you first need to sign up for an account, which asks for an email address and payment information, to start with Net Nanny. The next step is to download the software from any smartphone you plan to monitor. If you want to monitor your kid’s PCs, follow these steps. 

  • Register your account in Net Nanny.
  • Choose any subscription plan that meets your requirement. 
  • To your child’s laptop, add the Net Nanny Configuration Wizard.
  • To start the installation process, tap the Net Nanny icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, pick the desired language and press OK.
  • Close the rest of the programs, wait until Net Nanny Configuration Wizard begins, and then press Next.
  • Accept the term and condition and press next.
  • Click Finish and restart your PCs to complete the Net Nanny installation.

If you want to monitor your child’s smartphone, first, you need to install the app on your child’s cell phone, and you need to log in to your account. You also need to link your and your child’s account. Then allow all the access and permit the device you are monitoring. If your kids are using an Android mobile phone, you need to download the app from the play store, and if your kids are using iOS, you need to install it from the AppStore. 

Net Nanny: Pros and Cons 

The pros of Net Nanny are as follows. 

  • Net Nanny provides instant alert notification. 
  • You can monitor any of your kid’s digital devices from anywhere you want.
  • Support on all device platforms.
  • Net Nanny provided daily, weekly and monthly reporting of your kid’s device activities. 
  • It’s easy to set up on all devices. 
  • You can monitor up to 20 devices.
  • Unique pause button settings.

The cons of Net Nanny are as follows. 

  • It’s not so effective on iOS devices.
  • Monitoring calls and text messages aren’t available on a Net nanny.
  • It has limited geographic features.
  • No free features.
  • No trial version. 

Supported devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android 


Net Nanny is one of the best parental controls, and it doesn’t contain any viruses. I like the unique feature of this parental control app like family feed time scheduling, alert & reporting, etc. It’s easy to set up and to use.

Another function I like about net Nanny is a pause button to restrict your kids from using mobile devices. It provides monitoring features, blocking features to keep your child safe. The parent dashboard is also user-friendly and easy to use.

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