Why Do Social and Emotional Literacy Matter? Children’s social and emotional well-being is a very important factor for their development. Children who

This generation of kids is growing up obsessing over the internet, especially YouTube. From stopping an infant from crying to helping the

In the modern era of technology, children and teens turn to electronic gadgets to combat their leisure time. During the Covid-19 pandemic,

The number of kids and teenagers engaged in communication technology is increasing. Kids and teens are obsessed with social platforms like Facebook,

Do you spend less time on screen? Can you put them away? Do you have better self-control? Are you one of those

A recent study shows that about 4.66 billion people were active Internet users in 2020. This shows that more than half of

What is Social Media? Social media is a medium through which interaction takes place in computer-based technology. It helps in the exchange

Cyber-attacks are increasing day by day and generating further threats to organizations and people’s financial and personal lives. Cybersecurity is the best

Why Protection Of Data And Privacy Matters  Devices, apps and websites you are connected are collecting your information. Previously your data were

Children are a vulnerable age group about the internet. When it comes to the internet, social media safety must get addressed. You

Parental control is software or an application specially designed to monitor your child. It provides a monitoring solution for your children only

Kaspersky is an advanced level parental control app that helps parents keep track of their child’s online activities. It helps you to

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