How to Set Parental Control on Facebook

Facebook is a popularly used social media site nowadays. The majority of kids have a bad habit of using social networking sites excessively, one of which is Facebook. Parental control on Facebook is a must; since almost every child has a Facebook account.

Your child can post content on this site, upload images and videos, exchange files, chat with friends, and much more. But, some people may take advantage of these contents and target your child to be the victim of cyberbullying, stalking, or grooming. Also, hacking Facebook accounts is common these days. 


Although Facebook does not have built-in parental controls, it does have tools that allow your children to decide who may see their posts and connect with them. To do so, go into your child’s Account Settings and make sure their profile is as secure as possible.

Are you concerned about how to set Parental Control on Facebook? As a parent, you should be concerned as Facebook is the hotspot for current cybercrimes. Today, I will write on how to set Parental Control on Facebook. 

Account Settings and Security Features

Even though children under 13 are not allowed to create a Facebook account, some children have their ways. So, it is your responsibility to make sure your children are safe on Facebook. 

You can manage their activity by going to their privacy settings and setting their profile into a private account. You can always report the content that violates our community’s laws and regulations. 

Safety and Privacy Setting

You must make sure that your child’s Facebook profile is set to “Private.” Go through their accounts Privacy Settings to help protect them from the worst of what can happen on Facebook. 

Follow these steps to Manage their Privacy settings:

  1. Sign in to your child’s Facebook account.
  2. Tap the 3-horizontal lines icon in the top-right corner of the home page, and Tap on “Settings.” You will see Privacy and Security options. You can go to different options to manage their post and their security.

 Some primary settings that you need to know are:

  • Personal data and information: Here, you can change your child’s name contact information and deactivate their account if necessary.
  • Security and Login: You can change your kid’s password. You can set up two-factor authentication so that you will get a notification on your mobile phone if anyone tries to access your child’s account.
  • Privacy: You can change your child’s profile from “Public” to “Private” so that only friends or a customized selection can see their profile. This option will help you manage who can interact with them, see their account activity, send them friend requests, and contact them.

Changing these settings will prevent your child’s profile from appearing in search results.

  • Blocking, Timeline, and Tagging: Make sure you turn on timeline and tagging to review the post that your child has been tagged in, as well as reviewing posts they’re tagged before it appears on their timeline. You can block people from your child’s timeline.
  • Your Facebook Information: With the help of this option, you can also see their messages. 

Controlling News Feed

Adjusting their privacy settings to filter unsuitable content can be beneficial sometimes, but certain things will get through the cracks. It would be best if you viewed their news feed on Facebook to see what they’ve been up to. 

They could be viewing sports news, sarcastic memes, and various other things. But, sometimes, you can find a lot of disturbing information on Facebook News feed as well.

Take the following procedures to assess and prohibit content on a case-by-case basis:

  1. Tap the three-dot icon located at the top-right corner of the post.

      2. You will be given the following options:

  • Hide the post from the Feed
  • Snooze the source for 30 days
  • Unfollow the source
  • Give feedback on the post

It will help them keep away from the fake news trolls, or you can report the post in case of offensive content.

Use Parental Control on Facebook

Some of the best Facebook parental control apps to and ways to set parental control on Facebook are:


It is one of the best monitoring applications to keep your kids safe from unwanted applications. It has social media monitoring features that allow you to access their chats and browsing history, and you will get an instant alert when they are in danger.


Also, the app can monitor all the photos and videos they share, along with call and location monitoring.

2. Net Nanny

Because of its outstanding web filter feature, it is one of the best Facebook parental control apps. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can also limit their screen time by allowing them to go online only during specific hours of the day.


Further, it recently added content screening, which is especially useful for social media apps.

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3. mSpy 

mSpy software lets you see what your child is up to on their phone. You may put it on your child’s phone and access it from anywhere. This program includes several tracking features, including spy on Facebook Messenger.


You can access your child’s communications, consisting of images and videos.

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4. FamiSafe

FamiSafe software is developed to safeguard your children from online threats. It is a cross-platform parental control that works on mobile and tablets. You can use your device or a desktop browser to control your child’s phone.

image for famisafe app

Even if your child tries to uninstall the program, you must permit them first.

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Reasons for Making Your Facebook Account Private

If your kid’s profile is public, everybody will be able to find and view their Facebook information, posts, and activity. This can have a lot of effects on your children’s privacy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider changing your kid’s profile to a private setting:


  • There are many scammers and bullies on social media like Facebook. So, it is better to make your children’s accounts private. And, cyberstalking doesn’t only implicate your online life; sometimes, it can very well translate to the offline world as well.
  • Stalkers can steal your child’s photographs and misuse them.
  • Keeping your Facebook profiles public will reveal your private information.
  • If your kids’ check-in everywhere they go, it will be easy for people out there to stalk them. It’s easy to become the target of a stalker. You are just making it easy for them to follow.

How Can You Help Your Kids to Use Facebook safely?

It is better to discuss using Facebook responsibly as part of an ongoing conversation about the internet and technology. It would be best to tell them how they’d behave online and help them understand what is safe. As a parent, make sure your kid understands the following basic internet safety examples:

  • Never share your password.
  • Think before you post anything online.
  • Accept friend requests from known people.
  • Report anything that looks suspicious.


Parental control on Facebook is necessary to maintain online safety for their kids. Nowadays, Parental Controls are Critical For Your Family. Parents are often unable to monitor their children’s activities throughout the day. So, before anything horrible happens, it’s best to use parental control apps to keep your youngster safe.

These tools will assist you in keeping your child away from all the internet’s undesirable content and allowing them to utilize the platform safely and appropriately for their age. And lastly, you can always teach them a better way of using the internet.

You should create a Facebook account for yourself to follow or friend your child, and this will help you keep track of their activities and public posts. Thanks to the Facebook privacy feature, you can keep your children’s accounts safe from online predators and spam accounts. These Facebook settings can also be changed at any moment. 

I hope you are clear on how to set Parental control on Facebook so that you can be at ease knowing your child is safe through this post. Have a Good Day!

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