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Read this blog to get a full review on the FoneMonitor app. Get to know about its features, setup guide, pros, cons and more.

In today’s world of the digital era, smartphones have become an addictive device, especially for children. Smartphones give access to children to use the internet. The Internet may be a valuable resource for information, but unsupervised use of the Internet can be hazardous for children.

As a result, monitoring and spying applications are useful for parents to track their children’s internet activity. It is also necessary to know where your child is because today’s world is not safe. 

fonemonitor review

Therefore, FoneMonitor is considered the best spy app to solve this problem because it provides various benefits at an unbelievable price. Apart from that, this application provides plenty of new features which cannot be found on any spying applications.

FoneMonitor is one of the finest solutions to spy apps for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is just a useful application for spying on a phone. It tracks cellphones most effectively, whether they are IOS or Android devices.

What is a FoneMonitor App?

The most versatile monitoring app on the market today is FoneMonitor, which lets you keep track of all the details online related to the phone you’re tracking.

In its website, FoneMonitor proclaims that its services are available with an impressive array of features and allow access to admin functions on the targeted phone. Because of this, it has achieved tremendous popularity among the crowd.

Compatibility of FoneMonitor 

It is compatible with all platforms and can track text messages on both iPhone and Android. It monitors the phone, SMS, location, calls logs, browsing history, and many social media bugs such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Keylogger, and others.

Setup And Installation

The installation process for FoneMonitor is quite simple and clear. The very first step is to visit the FoneMonitor’s website and register. You just need to click on the “Sign up” button to get started. During the registration you should mention all your details such as email, passwords, etc.

The next step is to complete the registration process. Additionally, you will be asked to provide information about the model and age of the device.

It is necessary to download and install the FoneMonitor APK on the target device. The app can be downloaded through the device’s browser. Then, make sure the device does not reject the app. You’ll need to toggle “Security and Unknown Sources” before downloading the app.

Install the program by following the instructions on the screen. After configuring the app, click “Start Monitoring” to start it. You will automatically be able to hide the app. You don’t have to worry about being discovered.

Finally, you can start monitoring the app from the comfort of your location. If you log in to your account, you will find your dashboard there. The dashboard then displays all of the actions taking place on the target device.

Features of FoneMonitor

fonemonitor features

All the new features and the functionalities of the FoneMonitor are depicted below:

Monitor Call Logs:

FoneMonitor records all incoming and outgoing phone calls on and from the target phone, displaying call duration, number, and call type. You can view all calls you have made, received, and missed on the tracking dashboard of FoneMonitor. 

Monitor Text Message:

This functionality shows the end-user what kind of messaging the targeted individual has sent/received/exchanged. Moreover, the user can play and download media files received or transmitted from the target phone. 

Track GPS location:

FoneMonitor comes with an integrated GPS tracking feature that provides a history of the places and routes you have visited via GPS. You can explore both present and past locations. This program will assist you in determining the location of the target device. 

Track Internet History: 

There are many illegal websites on the Internet. So, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, your child can go through such a website. FoneMonitor keeps a record of the time spent on each website.

Monitor App Activities:

It monitors the application activities of the target device. It also provides access to the names and the total number of apps installed on the target’s smartphone. This program also successfully steals documents from the target phone such as Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF.

Schedule Restrictions: 

For children, the phone may be a source of distraction. As a result, parents may utilize FoneMonitor to limit their children’s phone usage. Thus, you can establish time limits which helps to manage the children activities. 

No Jailbreaking:

The user does not need to jailbreak or install any software on his smartphone to modify it. The software is a sophisticated tool with strong spy features that allows users to follow any actions on an iPhone, iPad, or other IOS device without jailbreaking.

Block Inappropriate applications: 

The user gains access to the target’s numerous apps. As a result, parents may disable unsuitable, dangerous apps and impose limitations. 


The dynamic keylogger allows users to quickly find out any information about the target device. It allows you to monitor every touch made on a target phone. It maintains track of all the taps that have been performed on the spied phone. 

In other words, it provides you access to everything that has happened on the target device. Whatever the target device owner writes, sends, or receives through their spied device is recorded, and you will be able to see it. 

Pros of Fonemonitor App

The pros of using the Fonemonitor App are as follows:

  • No rooting or jailbreaking is required.
  • Easy and Comfortable UI (User Interface).
  • You can examine multiple files simultaneously.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Does not drain the battery of the device.

Cons of Fonemonitor App

The Cons of using Fonemonitor App are as follows:

  • There were some apps that were not included in the ‘Applications’ section, including YouTube.
  • Despite being useful, the activity tracker on the app is inaccurate.

Fonemonitor App Pricing

FoneMonitor offers a variety of subscription plans for both Android and iOS users.

For Android users, the following options are available:

  • Ultimate Edition – $39.99 each month for one month
  • Premium Edition costs $29.99 per month for a one-month subscription.

There is only one subscription option available for iOS users, which costs $39.99 per month.


To sum up, this software is fantastic and will meet all of your spying requirements. This program will assist you in monitoring the mobile phone activity of your children, employees, or spouse.

Go for it since you will not find a better solution anyplace else if your primary goal is to monitor the target gadget or hunt it down without anyone’s knowledge.

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