SecureTeen Parental Control App Review‌ ‌

The internet plays a vital role in the functioning of today’s modern era. Children are not far from technology either. Every kid has an electronic device with them. You cannot restrict them from using them as they are now needed for primary purposes, and being up to date with technology is also crucial. 

The internet has its share of advantages and disadvantages as well. You need to protect your children from the disadvantages and harms caused by the internet. You need to have control over your kid’s electronic gadgets. Constant monitoring of their devices is necessary.

There are several monitoring apps for parents to control their kid’s device usage and content. One of the most reliable parental control apps is SecureTeen. This app can work for mobile phones and also for desktops. Securing your teens from the mature content found online is the primary purpose of this parental control application.

What is SecureTeen Parental Control App?

SecureTeen‌ ‌Parental‌ ‌Control‌ ‌App‌ ‌Review‌ ‌

The secure Teen software is made for parenting control purposes. It allows parents to keep up with their kid’s online activities and sites they visit. This application helps you protect your kids from the dangers of the digital world. 

In today’s world, where technology is at its peak, teenagers are involved in the online world. This world can be beneficial for them but can also harm them in some ways. The SecureTeen parental control app helps in monitoring and protecting your kids from the harmful effects of the web.

This application helps control your kids from using age-inappropriate applications, adult content, etc. It also helps you monitor your kid’s device usage time and text messages. SecureTeen is a great and useful application for parenting control, especially for teens.

How to Use the SecureTeen App?

SecureTeen parental control app is supported by Android, IOS, and Windows operating systems. You can download it from Google play for android users and the app store for IOS users. For Windows users, you can go to SecureTeen and download the file from that site.

You should install the application on your kid’s mobile device or pc. After that, you can enable the features required, login to your SecureTeen dashboard, and collect the information.

You can take authority and monitor your kids’ activity from your SecureTeen dashboard. As you log in to the dashboard, you need to identify your kid’s device, and the app will display the data on your screen.

What are the features of the SecureTeen App?

SecureTeen helps in creating a safe space for children online. It helps in giving parents control over their children’s online activities. This application includes many features.

SecureTeen‌ ‌Parental‌ ‌Control‌ ‌App‌ Features ‌Review‌ ‌

1.Block Apps

Many applications can be downloaded for free but are inappropriate for your children to use. SecureTeen helps in blocking those applications for the safety of your children.

You can restrict those applications from your dashboard.

2.Content Filtering

Sometimes your kids end up finding content that is inappropriate on the internet. Teenagers sometimes knowingly search for those adult contents. This app helps in filtering the contents your kids can browse.

3.Location Tracking

This application also can track the location of your children in real-time. This feature helps you to know where your children are and if they are safe.

4.Monitoring Social Media Apps

You can monitor your kid’s social media applications such as Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. This application will help you determine who your kids communicate with and what type of communications they hold. You can also check the screen time that your child spends on those social media apps and limit them.

5.Viewing Call Logs

You can view your kid’s call logs about who they call and the calls they receive. You can get the phone number of the incoming call and the time duration of the call.

Pricing of the SecureTeen Parental Control App

SecureTeen is a paid software that has two types of subscriptions. They are Premium and Premium plus that last for a year.

For the Premium Plan:

  • It costs 39.99 US dollars yearly.
  • Three devices can use the subscription.
  • The premium plan has access to limited features.

For the Premium Plus Plan:

  • It costs 69.99 US dollars yearly.
  • You can use the subscription on three devices.
  • This plan has additional features, including social media monitoring in detail.

Pros and Cons of the SecureTeen App

There are advantages and disadvantages of any application. It’s the same with the SecureTeen app. The pros and cons of this app are discussed below.


  • This app has a stealth mode which means that your kids are not notified about you monitoring them.
  • The application is compatible with most operating systems.
  • SecureTeen is easy to install. By following a few steps, you can use the application on any device you desire.


  • If you compare the app with other similar ones, its performance is a bit slow.
  • It does not have some popular features that many other app control devices have. E.g., lock the targeted device.


SecureTeen Parental Control App is one of the best apps for parental control. Parents must know what their kids are doing in the vague world of the internet and technology. It doesn’t take much time to get indulged in inappropriate activities that will harm your child.

As it is a compatible application with many operating systems, you can use it easily. The features provided by the software are beneficial for your teenager’s safety on the internet. 

For instance, knowing the type of applications your kids use and the searches they browse is essential. You can restrict your kids from some content on the internet and limit their usage of the devices. 

This application is a subscription-based program that will help in the online monitoring of your children’s devices. It has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Considering all of it, the best alternative to this application is FamiSafe. It has additional features to monitor the events of your children compared to SecureTeen. It is also compatible with Android as well as IOS.

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