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uMobix is a mobile phone monitoring parental control app that lets you use an internet control panel to watch the actions of a target device (iOS or Android) from afar. How do uMobix parental control apps work?

You can monitor a child’s social media activities, real-time GPS location, messages, incoming and outgoing text messages, phone conversations, and more with the uMobix tracking app.


Similarly, uMobix, like most tracking apps, works invisibly in the background on the target devices without letting the user know about it. Without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone, no other program on the market offers more functionalities. No other app even comes close to combining the most remarkable customer service in the market. Read further for uMobix parental control app review.

Compatible Devices

This monitoring app is compatible with phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, and various other manufacturers. It is compatible with all Android-based smartphones and tablets running version 4 or higher.

Enter the model number into the compatibility tool on their website to discover if it’s compatible with your device. uMobix review aims to introduce the most compatible app for monitoring activities.

Installing the uMobix App 

Without describing how to install and set up uMobix’s tracking app, uMobix review would be incomplete. Follow these ease of installation steps of the uMobix app on an android device.

To use uMobix to follow an Android device, you must first gain access to it, and then permit app installation authorization from third-party sources in the device’s security settings.


Step 1: open the Play Store and go to its Security Settings to turn off the Play Protect feature’s real-time scanning.

Step 2: Now all you have to do is go to uMobix’s official website to get its APK, install it, and start using it.

Step 3: After you’ve uMobix apps installed, simply go to your device’s accessibility settings and provide it with the necessary permissions.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can run the uMobix app on the target Android smartphone and grant it all of the necessary rights.

Step 5: Finally, you must activate device administrator access on the phone to utilize it to remotely control its capabilities.

You may also use uMobix’s stealth mode to execute it secretly on the target device if you like.

uMobix Parental Control App Review: Key Features

uMobix offers you access to just about everything else on the phone, in addition to the essential capabilities I mentioned above. This includes the following:

i. Examine the call logs

Examine call logs in chronological order for details such as call duration, timestamps, contact names and phone numbers. You can also check the status of your calls, such as outgoing, arriving, rejected, or missed calls.

The most important feature of any surveillance tool is the ability to keep track of activity in real-time. Keeping track of calls is the most critical feature out of all of them. With uMobix, you will be able to examine their call logs, which will contain all of the records of the calls and calls duration, whether they are incoming or outgoing, with the help of uMobix.

Similarly, if you want to access incoming and outgoing call logs individually, you must first filter the call logs. If the State option (shown below) includes an up arrow, all items are arranged according to the number of incoming calls.

“Click To Block” is a new feature in uMobix call monitoring. You can remotely block the contacts you don’t want your loved ones to contact by tapping this button. If necessary, you can also use the same button to unblock the contact.

ii. View messages

See received, sent, and deleted messages, as well as the sender’s and receiver’s names, conversation history, and actual text messages.

You can track SMS, both outgoing (sent) and incoming (received), with uMobix Messages (received). One of uMobix’s best features is that it can even detect deleted SMS. Furthermore, the app not only identifies but also highlights deleted communications so you are constantly aware of what your loved ones desire to keep hidden from you.

Because SMS is widely utilized, they will have a large number of messages on their cell phone. To make things easier, uMobix offers the Latest Message function, which displays a description of the messages you’ve recently received or sent.

iii. GPS coordinates

View the current position of your phone, including timestamps and a history of where it has been. In addition to addresses, you can see geographical coordinates. Tracking GPS location on where your child visits has become a necessity of the hour. Besides, you may obtain a full glimpse of their location history using the uMobix location function.

They will require navigational apps that demand access to GPS coordinates when visiting new sites. uMobix will be able to process all visited places information once GPS trackers are enabled on their smartphone.

Additionally, uMobix Locations allows for further in-depth monitoring. Longitude and latitude coordinates are provided by the app for this purpose.

iv. Bookmarks and Browser History

The app contains vital information such as their most recent web searches as well as the date and number of visits they have made to various websites. Data from a Web search can be sorted by Title, URL, Last Visited, and the total number of visits.

It can be handy if you want to know which websites your children visit and how often they do so. But that’s not all; uMobix also has a highly sophisticated mechanism. Although child deletes the history from their smartphone, uMobix still retains it!

What about searches done in private or incognito mode? I had a feeling that was there in your head. All of your history, even if you’re in private or incognito mode, is safe with uMobix!

Moreover, the WiFi component of uMobix allows you to keep track of the target phone’s WiFi router and hotspots. Apart from seeing a list of all available WiFis, you can also choose to block them with a single click. This is a fantastic option for parents who want to limit their children’s internet usage.

v. Monitoring Snapchat

uMobix does not currently offer a mechanism to monitor Snapchat on an iPhone, and every single monitoring app on the market is the same. If you’re watching an Android phone, uMobix offers a couple of Snapchat tracking solutions.

Using Snapchat’s native feature, you may see any chats, movies, or photos in the user’s account. In addition, you may also utilize the Keylogger tool to check what texts the target phone has typed. This method can also be used by parents to monitor Snapchat on their child’s iPhones.

vi. There’s much more

Furthermore, view all received, sent, and deleted messages, as well as their timestamps, including group and private chats with uMobix. View direct messages you’ve received and sent on Instagram (Check out Best Apps for Monitoring Instagram Activities), along with timestamps and other critical details like contacts.

uMobix Parental Control App Review: Plans and Pricing

Installation of the app on Android smartphones will require a few minutes of phone access, and you’ll be taken to the download page for the app. Then, by following the exact directions in the email, you’ll be able to configure the app and, if wanted, hide it.

By logging into your control panel, you can verify that the app receives data from the target phone after the installation.


Because monitoring Android devices necessitates the installation of an app on the phone, you’ll pay a slightly higher monthly fee ($49.99). However, compared to mSpy price, you’ll save $10 each month. 

Customer Support

Customer support was not just quick but also highly knowledgeable. They devote a significant amount of time and resources to ensure various manufacturers’ modifications.

uMobix Parental Control App Review: Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered the tool’s main features, let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of uMobix.


  • uMobix provides a comprehensive set of device tracking tools at an affordable price.
  • On the device, you won’t need root or jailbreak access to set up uMobix.
  • You can follow their whereabouts from afar or receive geofencing notifications in real-time.
  • Keylogger and remote camera access are only a few of the advanced functions.


  • The iOS version’s overall features are limited (compared to its Android one).
  • On an Android phone, you can’t remotely install uMobix (one-time device access is needed).
  • The uMobix free trial has a few limitations.


uMobix is a reliable product backed by excellent customer service. With uMobix parental control app review, we hope to introduce you to a new market player. If you’re seeking an app that can be installed fast and efficiently on a phone you need to track, uMobix is now my top recommendation.

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