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Have you ever worried if someone knows you’ve blocked them on Instagram? Before you block someone on Instagram, you should think about many things. Find out what happens when you block someone on Instagram app by reading this article.

When you block someone on Instagram, you can choose to block their account or any of their future accounts and any other public profiles they might create. Many people ask “What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?”. When you block a person on Instagram, they aren’t alerted or notified directly. 

You may need to block someone on Instagram for various reasons, including your ex, irritating spam accounts, someone sharing inappropriate content, or an unhealthy social media friendship. Blocking someone from your child’s Instagram can help keep them safe from predators.

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When it comes to blocking a user on Instagram, you may be concerned about whether they will notice. Let’s see in this article on “what happens when you block someone on Instagram.”

What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

Blocking people on Instagram is simple, but what happens afterward isn’t always apparent. Let’s look at some of the things users should know before blocking someone on Instagram in this article.

  • When you block an Instagram user, they are not notified.

This one should go without saying. When you block a user on Instagram, they will not receive a notification, unlike when you receive followers, likes, comments, posts, stories, or personal messages. So it’s not possible to let them know they’ve been blocked. Your Instagram stories, posts, and profile will be inaccessible to them.  

  • Your username can be mentioned by someone you’ve blocked.

If they know your username, someone you’ve blocked on Instagram can still mention it. These mentions, however, will not display in your activity. If you change your Instagram username after blocking someone, they won’t be able to find you unless they know your new username.

  • Likes and comments from prohibited users will not vanish.

If you block someone, their likes and comments will remain visible in your images and videos for others to see. If you want their comments deleted from your postings, you can do it manually. To see their words, you’ll need first to unblock them. 

  • People you have blocked will be able to see your likes and comments.

 People you’ve blocked on Instagram, unlike on Facebook, can still see your likes and comments on public profiles and accounts they follow. However, any comments you made on their Instagram posts would be hidden from them before blocking them. 

  • If you’ve blocked someone, you can always unblock them.

Nothing in this world is everlasting. So, if your mind changes, you may always undo your acts and unblock people who have been blocked. Blocked users > Select the profile > Unblock.

If I block someone on Instagram, how will they not notice?

You may have blocked someone on Instagram for whatever reason. For instance, you may have been scammed or cheated or lied upon or simply don’t want to have them as your Instagram follower. You can also look for the best apps to catch a cheater if you’re suspicious. 

If you’re worried that blocking someone on Instagram would make them aware of your decision, consider the following:

  • The user who is blocked receives no notification.

When you block a user on Instagram, they will not receive a notification. If the barred individual tries to access your account while it is public, they will be unable to view any posts. However, they will not be notified or informed that they have been blocked. As a result, if you block someone on Instagram, they will have no idea.

  • Your profile will still be visible.

After you’ve banned someone on Instagram, they might still see your profile through public posts or posts from friends. They can’t view your profile picture, posts, stories, or highlights, which might mean you’ve deleted all of your posts and highlights and aren’t aware if you’ve blocked them.

  • They can still send you direct messages.

After being blocked, the blocked individual can still send you direct messages, and you will also be unable to accept direct messages from them. As a result, the person will be unaware that they have been blocked.

If I block a user on Instagram, how will they know?

If you block someone on Instagram for the following reasons, they will be aware of it:

  • Your account won’t show up in the search results.

If you’ve blocked someone, they won’t be able to find your account in the search results. It could be an indication that you’ve blocked them. They could, in the end, investigate other evidence to see if they’ve been blocked.

  • Likes, Comments, and Notifications will disappear.

If someone likes or comments on one of your posts, and you reply or like their comment, Instagram will usually notify other users. However, disabling Instagram will delete all notifications, including likes and comments. Unblocking someone on Instagram will not restore their likes or previous comments.

  • They will be removed as a follower.

When you block someone on Instagram, they are removed as a follower automatically. As a result, your account won’t appear in their list of followers or followers. In this situation, they may believe they have been blocked.

  • Your likes and comments will appear in public posts or by common friends.

Your likes and comments may be visible to the blocked user if they follow the same public page or mutual friend you do on Instagram. However, if your account does not display in the search results or appears as an Instagram user, they may assume you have blocked them.


You should know if they will be notified if you block someone on Instagram. So, before truly blocking someone on Instagram, you might think about all of the points. We hope that this article answered your inquiry about “what happens when you block someone on Instagram?”.

If you wish to avoid certain persons on Instagram, there are numerous options. You can conceal your stories, mute their posts and direct messages, share them with close friends, unfollow them, and delete them as followers. So, to use Instagram more peacefully, pick the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I. If Someone Blocks You On Instagram, Can They Still Look at Your photos?

If you block someone on Instagram, they won’t be able to see your photos. Because they won’t be able to see your postings in the first place, the blocked individual won’t be able to comment or like them. They won’t be able to send you new Direct messages, either.

II. Is it possible for someone who has blocked you on Instagram to see your profile?

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, they will be able to access your profile, including your profile picture, so they can unblock you later if they wish.

III. When you block someone on Instagram, do their messages disappear?

When you block someone on Instagram, their messages aren’t removed, and they are hidden on Instagram, so you won’t be able to see blocked persons. If you unblock the person, the messages will resurface.






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